V-Pec: My brother’s twin

If my brother has a twin… how could I not know about them? For that matter, why doesn’t my brother know about his twin? My heart was frozen as I looked down on the group of pictures I was still holding.

This was the point where my brain woke up and I realized that I had been just flipping through pictures carelessly. I really needed to be recording this so that I had more of an idea to look back on. Well… mostly because hearing my thoughts out loud helps me to get them organized. I don’t know why that’s a thing. But it is just how my brain works through problems.

So I set the stack aside with the last picture revealing another siblings existence, and I pulled out my recorder and got my thoughts out about the first group of pictures. So now, here I am. Sitting in my father’s cabin in the woods. Wondering what I am about to see when I flip past this picture of my lost sibling.

Did he die? What happened to him? Is it even a him? My heart would be pounding right now if I had one that still beat. I’m not sure I want to know. But I need to know. This may help me understand the behavior of my parents better. And for that matter, James.

… What?

No, no, no. This picture doesn’t answer any of my questions. It just adds more. Vlad looking at my mother while she was in her exercise phase? What does that matter, I want to know what happened to my mystery sibling.

I rack my brain as I flip to the next photograph. Is there any fairy tale that my father made up when I was little to explain what is happening here? I can’t think of any, so I only have guesses. It looks like my mother is asking Vlad if he wants to use the machine. She doesn’t even seemed phased that it’s Vlad. Perhaps she didn’t know how evil he is?

Oh for the love of bats! I don’t care about my mother throwing another party. Why would these pictures be in this stack that was hidden away?

Okay… so they’re still in love with each other. Mother didn’t know about his affair, or she did and she forgave him.

Yes, yes. She has no restraint, I already know that. It’s another meeting of the powers working against Vlad. That ninja is there again, who I think is Vlad… except that it looks more like my father’s body shape.

I can’t tell for sure though, I need to see a better image. Like perhaps the eyes, or a close up of the hands, that would give it away.

Yes, that’s definitely father, because that’s Aunt Lilith and she would not be hugging Vlad.

And.. oh no.

I had started flipping to the next picture and saw a face at the party that I should not be surprised to see. But there she is. Bella Goth… and who I believe is Mortimer Goth. This can’t be good.

Okay good. Father is just getting a drink because he needed one. That’s good to see.

Oh no… I spoke to soon. Right in front of the Mortimer and and Mother… This will not end well. Why… why did he do that.

… I have a suspicion forming. That ghost that Vlad forced to kill herself… She does not look happy at all, like she’s pretending to be okay and she knows that something is happening. I’m actually dreading turning to the next picture. I have a feeling that it will answer the question that I’ve been waiting for an answer to.

If she’s involved… Can I trust her to help in my fight against Vlad?

Honestly. I had to pause the recorder and walk away when I saw the next picture. I set everything down and walked outside to feel the sun burn my skin. Something to have an excuse for the lump that formed in my throat. And the pain I suddenly feel at a loss that I didn’t know I had.

I’m back now. And I still almost can not form words.

My hatred for Vlad is growing. He punished my family.

He knew of their plot all along.

I was right. I had to be right. He was at all of the stupid costume parties my mother threw.

He did the thing that would put a stop the open rebellion.

The thing that would make their spirits fall.

Vlad took my brother…

There it is… that’s the picture I expected to see. My mother’s agony as she realizes one of her children is gone.

The moment that James became the most important thing in my parents lives. The reason that he’s so spoiled.

I can imagine my mother’s anguish… and I’m pretty sure I know now why she turned into the exercise freak that she did. Two blows to her pride in one night. Two heartbreaks.

My father having an affair, and a sibling of mine being stolen from her own home.

Wait.. what’s this? There are still a couple of pictures left in the stack that was hidden away in the sealed folder.

Are these pictures of where my brother’s twin ended up?


Nonononono. This can’t be true…

To defeat Vlad per my Aunt’s wishes…

I’m going to have to fight… my brother.


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