7 Sins: Characters

Envy Sin

Envy Sins:
Real name:
Dies from embarrassment
Clues to her past life: Gardening? suit of armor, very poor
Enemies: Nancy Landgraab, Thor Odinson
First Aspiration: Mansion Baron
Original Traits: erratic, jealous, and evil
Crushes: Ali

Pride Sin

Pride Sins:
Real name:
Death by laughter
Clues to her past life: her children’s books ring a bell to her as something from her past.
Original Traits: evil, noncommittal, snob
First Aspiration: Bestselling author
Crushes: Thor

Wrath Sin

Wrath Sin:
Real name:
Died from overexertion
Clues to her past life: vampires
Crushes: Marcus
Liked by: Naoki
Original Traits: hot-headed, mean, evil
First Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Gluttony Sin

Gluttony Sins:
Real name:
Died of hunger
Clues to her past life:
Hobbies: eating
Original Traits: glutton, evil, and materialistic
First Aspiration: Master Chef

Sloth Sin

Sloth Sins:
Real name:
Died by drowning
Clues to her past life: was close with some adult as a child
Crushes: Envy, Wrath, and Thor, the mixologist at the bluff dance party
First Aspiration: Mixologist
Original Traits: Lazy, evil, slob

Green Sin

Greed Sins:
Real name:
Died from electrocution
Clues to her past life:
Occupation: Aspiring Astronaut, currently works under mission control, doing equations and such for launches.
Hobby: Photography
Original Traits: materialistic, kleptomaniac, evil
First Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Lust Sin

Lust Sins:
Real name:
Death by Steam
Clues to her past life: to much time in a sauna, focused heavily on appearance
Original Traits: Dance machine, evil, romantic
First Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Boyfriend: Lloyd
Crushes: Jade, Naoki (who is as big a flirt as she is, and also bi), Paolo, the shopkeeper Josefa, Ali

A/N: If you’ve noticed something in the story that you think I should add to this character information collection feel free to let me know. ^-^

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