101D: She blinded me with science!

Today I had to take Asparagus to the vets because he was feeling under the weather. The De Villes were there which surprised me. I was filling the food dish so that any of the animals that came to the vets could eat and feel better when they walked in. Pongo and Perdita looked okay so it must have been a regular check up.

Seeing them reminded me of my journal. That’s why I’m writing in this again. I got really saddened by Hilda being returned to her owner. I mean Harmony… I know that it was the right thing to do, I just got really attached to her. At least Asparagus and I still have Cosmo and Peaches to keep us company and keep her alive in our house.

I said hello to Vincent while our dogs were being looked over by the veterinarians. “How have you been Audra?”

“I’ve been doing pretty good. I couldn’t keep all of my dogs and had to find some good homes for them.” So I lied a little bit, but I didn’t want to admit the full truth, it hurt. “So I’ve been diving hard into my work. I’m working on synthetic food so that food can get to more people.”

“A very noble task. I wish you the best in achieving positive results in your research.” I was rather surprised he didn’t ask more about Asparagus, Ami, and Alric. Honestly, I’m glad he didn’t ask though, I feel bad enough that I’ve had to pass on so many good dogs to other loving homes. At least I was able to feed and love them before they had to move to their next home, and I think Miss Phillips will be happy with them and treat them right.

It was also very interesting to meet Mr. Horner, who is the hero who found Perdita when she ran away, Perdita being the De Ville’s dog. I’m not sure if I have mentioned her before in this journal. So I figured that I should. He seemed … nice. But he was very old fashioned and seems to think that woman do not belong in fields that require them to work. They should be at home raising children and cooking and cleaning.

I guess if he and his wife are happy like that, all the power to them. Just as long as he doesn’t try to attack others for their views. We didn’t talk much…

I am curious though. I think I am going to keep track of who is receiving puppies from the De Ville’s. I feel like they might be up to something and I want to see what it is. Perhaps it is making the community happier having puppies around them?

Of course I will only do this as a side project, solving world hunger is my main priority.

Oh dear, I said that solving world hunger was my main priority only a few days ago didn’t I? That was before I noticed that Eduardo was hanging around me more often at work.

I think he may finally be ready to accept that it is okay to date coworkers. I mean, when you’re in as busy of a career as we’ve got, where else are you going to meet anyone but at work? Or at least I hope that that is where this is heading. I have fallen for him so hard!

Sometimes when I am working in the molder machine directing the robot I call Steve on how to solder together my pieces so the electronics that I have designed don’t get ruined… I talk to him, Steve I mean. Lately, while I was building I talk with him about my crush on Eduardo. I know, not a great idea to talk to a robot about love, what do they know, they’re just programmed machines.

I did accidentally let my frustration out on Kerry, one of our other co workers who works heavily in our department. She’s old and whiny and complains every day that she hasn’t gotten anywhere in life, except that she sits on the computer playing social media games all day long.

I tried to apologize for being so rude to her, but I don’t think she accepted it because I had sounded so serious. I guess I kind of was. I wanted her to shut up so that I could eat, and go talk to Eduardo. He had seemed really open to a potential date today. I didn’t expect him to sit and wait patiently for me to finish and Kerry to leave. He wanted to ask me out!

Didn’t notice until writing this. It’s a “great timing picture!” look at the boat precariously balanced on the rock! haha.

So after work we went home and got changed, We walked along the pier and up along the bluffs. Just enjoying each others company. Finally I stopped him. “I need to know Eduardo. Are we going to make this official and start dating? You’ve been throwing me so many mixed signals and I don’t want to keep my hopes up if you’re going to dash them tomorrow.”

A little to blunt perhaps. But it was necessary.

“Yes Audra, I would like you to be my official girlfriend.” I jumped up and down happily, I was so excited.

I’m rather pleased that I have enough assets that they caught his attention. I honestly thought that I was rather on the flatter side. I’m even happier that he said yes than I thought I would be!!

Isn’t he just adorable. This is our officially dating selfie that I took on my phone. I got it printed and I’m including it in this journal. I’m so happy now!

This was such a long weekend!! It’s Monday after I started dating my sweet Eduardo. Pretty much nothing happened all weekend. I can say I got a lot of fresh air though. I was just kind of hoping to see Eduardo more, but he’s probably just as sold to his research as I am. I really should have been doing more research even over the weekend. But I was hyped on the energy I got from him accepting me finally.

Asparagus and I ended up just playing with the puppies for most of the weekend. They’re getting bigger every day it seems like.

Peaches will not leave me alone whenever I am home. She is constantly nipping at my ankles and trying to play.

Thank goodness Asparagus can keep Cosmo entertained. I don’t think I could handle two puppies constantly at my ankles with how on edge I am right now. I want to see where my relationship with Eduardo is heading.

Whenever I managed to get the puppies down for a nap… or at least mostly down for naps. Peaches never is where I left her when I get back from somewhere… This weekend anyway, Asparagus and I went out on plenty of walks while the puppies were napping.

I did manage to encounter quite a few people that have joined the Dalmatian movement that the De Villes have started. This is Lilo and her sweet dog Brook. She explained to me that the famous Horners couldn’t keep her after they had twins and so when they saw Lilo walking on the boardwalk one day and she had admired Brook they offered for her to adopt her.

Of course Lilo had adopted Brook right away! It’s funny, most of us live in the suburbs here in Brindleton Bay and drive to San Myshuno for work, but Lilo lives in San Myshuno and drives to Brindleton Bay to get some fresh air when she’s feeling like a nice long walk with Brook.

I then ran into Hannah who was out walking her dog Alric. I still have hair from him brushing on my leg stuck to my pants. That dog’s coat is incredibly thick! At least he gets to stay warm while the weather is chilly, but it does make me feel a little bit better about having to give him and Ami up. Peaches sheds every where and she’s just a puppy! At least Hannah is enjoying having them and she is being a wonderful dog mother. I’m so glad she was willing to take them.

It was actually kind of funny. But by the end of the weekend, I feel like I must have seen every single dalmatian in our entire county!

It was only this morning as I took a quick morning jog that I finally saw a dog that wasn’t a dalmatian.

But now it’s back to work and the slog to get research complete and tested before anyone else, and to make sure that no one steals your results. The receptionist caught me off guard when I was walking to the back which is why I sat down to write all this in my journal before diving into work. I needed to get my head back on straight. I don’t know where his lab coat went, but he should probably get one on before management sees him and he gets in trouble.

This week has been an interesting flurry of dates with Eduardo. He decided that every day after work we should go out on a date to relax from the tension of work and to get to know each other better. Things got a little out of hand.

Not that I’m really going to complain, thought the bush we unwound from work in might complain if it could talk.

He took me out shopping, even though that’s not really my thing. I tried on a couple outfits but I wasn’t very impressed with the ones that were on display. So it ended up just being a fun outing. I found out quite a bit about him.

So one of the things I did was go home and make a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches because Eduardo loves them so much.

I started bringing one in every day to work to give to him so that he had a free lunch of his favorite food.

It worked even better than I could have hoped though. By the end of the week he was coming over and playing with Asparagus and the puppies.

And I’m happy to think that the puppies liked him.

Almost as much as they love each other. At least I’m certainly hoping so.

I want them to be happy.

I’m planning to ask Eduardo to move in with us. So it’s a big deal that they all get along well.

This is just a quick journal entry with a super fast update. I was burning a pile of leaves the other day because it was rotting away and driving me crazy.

Some crazy woman came and started playing in it! WHILE IT WAS ON FIRE!!

I ran to grab my phone off the charger so that I could call the cops to have her removed before she hurt herself. But when I looked back out the window she was gone and so was the fire! Instead there was a couple making out in the gross leaves.

. . . I really need to figure out how to get rid of the pile. It doesn’t seem to want to go away!

But that’s not the important thing. I invited Eduardo over and asked him to move in. And he said yes!

He even bought Cosmo and Peaches a new chew toy to let them get used to him so that the move in would be easy.

They seem to be really open to the idea. They jump around his ankles when he comes over.

He has started to move boxes in. We’re making the move slow so that we don’t have to rent a van. And to let the puppies get used to all of the new stuff around.

Soon enough though, he will be completely moved in. My dreams are coming true!

I was racing Eduardo on the beach today, and winning of course. We’ve started to do this once a week just for fun.

But today’s jog turned out to be a little different.

We ended up meeting a poor lost dog and bringing her home with us. She doesn’t have a collar and she was incredibly dirty and whimpering. I brushed her down and got her fed.

She was really thankful, but she was skittish. Like she was scared of humans. I think perhaps she ran away from an abusive home, or she was abandoned. I’m not sure which, if either.

I can’t keep her at all. But I’m hoping I can find her a good home, even if it wasn’t where she came from. But I couldn’t just leave her there looking pitiful.

After losing Hilda, it is rather nice to save another dog. I feel like maybe this will be one of my callings. I’ll find poor abandoned dogs and find them new homes.

I put up these posters on various social media pages, hopefully someone will recognize her or want her.

I was home because I had today off work… I got a phone call that Eduardo was being taken into the emergency room because the lab caught on fire.

They wouldn’t let me in. We haven’t filled out any paperwork yet to say that we’re together, and I’m not family.

So I took a long worried walk on the beach with Asparagus. I hope that he’ll be okay.


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