BB1: The First one ever to go home is…

On our last episode of big brother, Gracelyn and Kristy were up for eviction. The viewers sent in their votes as our other houseguests entered the diary room to make their votes. “Clay, you’re up first.”

“Kylee said that no matter what I picked it would be okay, so I’m going to have to play it safe and protect my second alliance with Kristy. Protecting her may protect me in the long run. Sorry Gracelyn, but I’m going to have to vote for you.”

“This was a really tough decision, but Gracelyn tried to win my vote with a basketball match and burst into tears just because she was bad at it. I don’t want to have to listen to her whine about how terrible she is at a sport we’ve all been enjoying. Bye Gracelyn.”

“I’m going to vote for Kristy. It seems the smart thing to do, she is going to be heavy competition otherwise.”

“I’m voting for Kristy, she and I just have not gotten along. Besides, she was on the block from the beginning.”

“As far as I’m concerned you can both go home. But since I have to pick one of you I’m voting for Gracelyn. Kristy was stuck in that same boring room with me and knows what it’s like. I may be able to turn that to my advantage at some point if she stays.”

“I’m going to have to apologize to my alliance if they find out. But Gracelyn is the reason I got put on the block in the first place. I heard people talking about it even though they didn’t think I’m listening. She can go home. I’m not going to vote for Kristy, I don’t know anything about her really.”

“I was already going to vote for you Kristy. But thanks for giving me the advantage of having Saul on my side. ”

“Okay everyone, with that done, and the votes from the viewers pouring in we now know who is the first to be evicted from the house…”

A/N: Thanks for your votes, everyone! They’ve been included in swaying some of the votes from the houseguests, and I wanted you to know that so it didn’t seem just their votes are what made the decision. ❤ It means a lot to me that you took the time to read and vote!

“With a vote of 4-3, Gracelyn will be evicted tonight.”

Kristy looked up in shock. “I’m still in the game!? yes!”

“Oh no…” Gracelyn moaned covering her face.

The first houseguest had been evicted and we will have to see how the reality that anyone can go home in this game effects the remaining houseguests. When they returned to the main rooms we brought Gracelyn back into the diary room to see how she feels about being evicted.

“Honestly… I’m shocked that I’m going first. I lost my composure and I’m embarrassed about that as a reporter, but I have to say that this game is far harder than I ever could have imagined. It really wears on all your nerves and leaves you exhausted at the end of the day just when the competitions start. It is a lot to take in, and I wish the rest of the houseguests good luck moving forward. ”

After Gracelyn got evicted everyone seemed to sink inside themselves for a couple hours. Kristy went straight to work on the machine to try to get her strength up, she did not want to risk being on the block again, and if she ended up back on it, she wanted to be able to fight her way back off in the Power of Veto competition.

Saul dribbled the ball nearby, seemingly keeping an eye on the houseguest he had failed to get evicted. But neither of them said a word to the other.

Nash was shocked. Gracelyn had seemed incredibly friendly, and Kristy and seemed confrontational in what he knew about her. The game had just gotten real for him, anyone could go at any time for any reason. The house had been pretty split. He nibbled his hot dog and continued thinking. His alliance was going to be even more important than he originally thought.

Clay interrupted his thoughts as he stirred his drink with vigor. “Oh hey, Clay. What do you think about Gracelyn being evicted?”

“Oh, I think it’s good. A big competitor is out, and we can probably use this to our advantage. But remember. Mum’s the word.” He cooed in a sing-song voice, “Kristy is probably going to try to start making deals to make sure she doesn’t get on the block again.”

“Interesting thought…” Nash rubbed his beard and traced a finger on the table.

“I’ll get my alliance on my side. I think it will be good to have Kristy on our side as a secret alliance member.” Clay told us later after finishing his drink. “They don’t need to know I’m already working with her, and she doesn’t need to know I’m working with them. But I’m going to let her know that I voted Gracelyn off to save her and stand by her side for the alliance she asked for. She’ll owe me one. Had I voted the other way she would have been out.”

Brenda found silence in coffee as she thought about the results. A smile flickered on her lips as she thought with victory about Gracelyn being out. Now to get Kristy out.

Upstairs, Gunnar was painting on the easel. We think he is also thinking that this game isn’t what he expected.

“Hello, Tate.” Brenda started as she took a seat next to the man that she had actually started the hate for him being naked in the hot tub.

“Hi, Brenda.” He said cheerfully, oblivious to the rumor that she had started. “You want a marshmallow?”

“No, No. Just wanted to sit and chat. I’m curious who you voted for?”

“Hey, guys!” Kristy called from the bar, “Do you two want a drink?”

Brenda turned and smiled at Kristy, “No thank you. I’ll pass for now,” before she turned back around to Tate and mumbled, “We’ll talk later doll.”

Tate stared at the fire confused and we asked him later what his confusion had been about. “I don’t know what Brenda was going on about at the fire before Kristy asked us if we wanted a drink while she was mixing hers. I have a feeling she voted for Kristy, especially after what happened next at the fire.”

“Wait. Did you see something?” We the producers interrupted Tate’s diary entry.

“Yeah. I think I did.”

“Clay, Nash, and Kristy came and sat with us at the fire. When Kristy sat down and started to drink, I had just finished mine and got up to put my cup in the dishwasher. When I came back outside Brenda was standing up and tossing a log on the fire in such a way that an ember flew up and out.”

“It caught Kristy’s chair on fire. The fires seem to happen only when Brenda is by the fire. I don’t trust her.” Tate finished.

Many accusations are going around as the houseguests get more and more stressed. Hopefully… it’s all just another freak accident.

This is the third time that the houseguests have been allowed to leave the house because of a fire. Perhaps we need to remove the campfire. . .

“Where did everyone go?”

Clay was the only one brave enough to return to the fire. We haven’t bothered to replace the chairs yet. The fire only just got put out! We’re pondering whether we even replace them though, or if we remove the fire entirely. The producers will have to have a discussion between this and next episode.

But the night continued onward.

Saul and Tate exchanged a hug in the kitchen. “I’m glad you’re still sticking around Tate, You seem like a good guy.”

He then went upstairs and chatted with Katlin who was practicing some foosball. “So what are you going to do if you win the money?” He asked curiously.

“My plan is to put my winnings into investments so I can double or even triple the money and live comfortably for the rest of my life so I can live the life of adventure that I love. If you’ve never backpacked or snowboarded you should, it is an amazing experience.

“That sounds like an amazing idea. I’m going to be setting the winnings aside so I can take more vacations from work and enjoy the theatre.”

Feeling awkward, Katlin went downstairs and ran into Clay in the bathroom. They didn’t speak, but both exchanged a look that said they were thinking about the game in a new light.

In the morning we decided to treat the household and brought in a television that they could enjoy for the day. We, of course, would take it away after the day was over, but with all of the fires that have been happening it seemed a fitting time to let them all relax and de-stress.

Of course… they would still have the wall of houseguests in front of them to see if they decided to take the opportunity to watch some television. A reminder that they were still in the game and the reality was that the world was still watching.

Saul was the first to take up the chance for a little bit of television. He wanted to catch up on his Al Simhara adventures with Fox Fever. It was one of his favorites and he was excited that he was getting a chance to see it.

Nash was unimpressed. Since the eviction, he’d been in a bit of a daze. He wasn’t sure how badly he wanted to stay in the game anymore. What if it was just better to go home. Grabbing the sink he leaned over and tried to focus. “No, don’t give up now.” He focused on all of the kids that he helped at home and then splashed some water on his face. There was a reason he was in this game. He wanted to get the funds to increase his program back home. If he had more funds he would be able to help even more kids that were struggling in life.

Splashing some water on his face he stood up with an increased drive to win the competition.

“For the kids!”

Gunnar was the next to drop down in front of the television to catch some shows. He was excited that he was going to be able to catch some of the ice skating tryouts. It was off season when the most serious skaters headed out across the world to get training in, and the world watched to see what the upcoming season might hold.

Not to mention he couldn’t be there with his daughter. He was hoping to win the competition so that he could fund her travels. She could do well in life and he was so proud of her.

Outside, Brenda had decided that she wanted to study the basketball court, and perhaps talk to Kylee who was shooting hoops. But she couldn’t figure out exactly what she wanted to say. Finally, just before she headed inside she turned to Kylee. “I want your help. I would like to get Kristy out.”

Kylee nodded. “I hear you. I’ll keep it in mind.” Later in the court, she told us what she thought about Brenda’s outburst. “I’m focused on keeping myself in the game right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen later today, and who might be the next head of household. Until then I need to keep myself in shape and not worry about whatever social game Brenda wants to play.”

Katlin, taking a tip from her showmance partner Tate, decided to try out the relaxing nap in the hot tub. It was incredibly refreshing and she woke up with a smile on her face. Surprisingly, it was comfortable to nap in the hot water.

Kristy jumped when she saw Brenda’s face full of anger. Her clenched fists were a dead giveaway. “Oh no… you’re still holding a grudge about me yelling at you the other day aren’t you.”

“No of course not.” Brenda replied dripping sarcasm, “I intend to get you evicted. I’m going to win the head of household competition tonight, and I’m putting you on the block.”

Clay wasn’t nervous about the head of household competition. In fact, he felt like his place in the house was still really comfortable and it was unlikely that he was going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The ice skating tryouts ended and Nash came in to sit down at the television to get his turn with the remote. “Hey, what were you watching?” He asked curiously as Gunnar quickly stood up. “Were you just watching ice skating? I never would have had you pegged for that.”

“Yeah.” He replied looking embarrassed, “My daughter is in Russia right now training for next season.”

“Oh wow! Congrats man! You must be a really proud father.”

Gunnar smiled, he had expected to be made fun of for watching ice skating when he was the only one in the house that didn’t care about basketball. “Yeah, I am. Thanks.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Microwave something fast and get out of here while I eat some nice food. Bye Kristy.” Brenda said coldly. “I would like to eat in peace without a judgemental old woman around.”

Kristy decided it was time to take her leave and enjoy her own turn in from of the television to watch some medical soap operas. “Why didn’t I keep my mouth shut that night.” She sighed.

“I’m taking my game easy right now, I want to see how everyone plays before I make any big moves,” Saul told the camera in the lounge while he was alone.

“Hello, my beautiful Kylee. Are you ready for the head of household competition?” Brenda asked brightly just as we ourselves announced the start of the competition.

“You all have one life to score as many points as you possibly can. Whoever scores the most points will be the next head of household.”

Brenda groaned, she was not a video gamer. She didn’t find any use in them really. Sports gaming was much more fun.”

“Begin!” Everyone started up there games and got to work on getting as many points as they could.

Tate and Katlin seemed to be struggling with their game. Some bad RNG stopped them from scoring too many points right at the beginning of the game. Brenda caught whatever blocks were practically handed to her. She was not putting her all into the competition like she had threatened. She really didn’t care for video games. Everyone else was really putting their all into the game.

Suddenly Kristy’s game took a turn and she started getting some bad RNG.

Tate’s game chimed indicating that he had lost his life. Then Katlin’s game echoed with the sound of a lost life. As they stepped out, Brenda’s game ended and she announced, “I just didn’t want to be last.” She crossed her arms with a pout.

Nash cursed as a block hit him in the chest and made him miss the block that would have kept his game going. He was followed by Kristy who’s bad luck had finally stopped her game from continuing.

Clay tripped as he dodged a block and heard the chime of a game over. He sighed and stepped off his gamepad with a smile on his face. He felt he had actually done a really good job.

Three people remained going for the head of house competition. Saul, Gunnar, and Kylee.

The game noise continued as the three competed for the coveted spot of head of household.

Two game over chimes sounded.



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