BB1: The First Eviction Vote

Today is eviction day, and the two on the chopping block are starting to get nervous and scramble for votes. But elsewhere in the house, people are starting to realize that this is a game and new alliances are being formed.

In the have not isolation rooms Clay could care less. He’s been finding isolation quite relaxing for him. He can get some quiet time and think to himself. The two girls he’s with just sit and talk or yell at each other all day and ignore him, and that’s perfectly fine to him.

Of course, it’s mostly the other way around and he is ignoring them and they’re fed up with his distant attitude.

Upstairs Gunnar pulls the other two sims together that he has heard talking about food. Tate and Saul. Tate is clearly a good competitor and will be good to have on his side, and Saul seems to be friendly with most of the other houseguests so he’ll likely be in it for the long haul so Gunnar will always have someone to protect his back. “I propose the three of us form an alliance around food.”

Saul looked at Gunnar curiously. “I’m listening. What exactly are we talking about.”

“The rest of these exercise nuts don’t seem to appreciate good food when they see it. They work out enough I’m sure the extra calories wouldn’t hurt them. I say we form an alliance for the true winners in this household. The ones that actually appreciate fine food.”

Tate nodded enthusiastically. “I’m in. I love food!”

“I’ll join this alliance but on one condition. I want Kristy out of here. I don’t trust her. I think if we don’t take her out now she’s got the scheming poker face to slither her way forward.”

“Huh…” Tate looked over at Saul curiously, and Gunnar looked at him in shock. Neither had expected Saul to be actually playing the game. He always seemed to be having to much fun. “You might actually have a point. But Gracelyn is the same way isn’t she.”

“Nope, think about it. Gracelyn made some serious enemies since she got placed on the chopping block. We get her up again next week and she’ll be going home and I think that gets two of the biggest threats out right away.”

“Deal.” Gunnar held out his hand “Welcome to the new alliance in the house Saul.”

“I just know everyone is going to vote me out!” Gracelyn said angrily approaching Nash, what do I do?

“Well for one, you could stop yelling at people. Two stop spreading rumors, and three compete with them in something they like to win their vote. We’ve got a chess board, a foosball table, and a basketball court.”

“That’s not a bad idea… I think there is a don’t wake the llama game too…”

“Hang on. Check this out!”

“I’m going to try those moves right now to see if I can win me some votes!”

“Nice marshmellow Katlin. Say. Who are you planning to vote for?” Gunnar asked taking a seat at the firepit.

“Oh, I haven’t decided yet. What about you two?”

“I haven’t decided yet either.” Tate agreed. “I’m just thinking ‘thank god I won the power of veto and was able to save myself from the block'”

Katlin laughed, “So very true, nice job on that by the way.”

“I challenge you to a basketball challenge!” They all heard a voice cry and turned to see Gracelyn approaching Kylee. “If I win and survive this elimination round then you have to save me next week.”

“Wow.” Gunnar remarked watching the interaction, “She’s sounding a little desperate isn’t she.”

“Sucks worse for Kristy though.” Katlin agreed, “she’s stuck in isolation until two and can only campaign to Clay and Brenda while Gracelyn has everyone out here she can talk to try to sway their vote in her favor.”

“Oh, you’re right. Poor Kristy.” Gunnar and Tate exchanged looks as Gunnar continued speaking, “Did you hear them after to power of veto results? Gracelyn and Kristy really laid into Brenda claiming it was her fault that they were up on the block.”

Kaitlin gasped, “No I didn’t hear that. I can’t believe they would do that. Brenda doesn’t seem to really be doing anything. ” She looked sidelong at Tate and winked, “I’m really glad you won the power of veto though.”

Tate grinned, “Yeah, me too.”

“Okay give up Gracelyn. I’ve sunk every basket and you’ve made two. I don’t know why you’re bothering because there can’t be a tie tonight and my vote isn’t going to matter.”

“The audience who watches the show can still swing the vote and if it makes a tie I needed you to save me” Gracelyn whined ungraciously.

Kylee raised an eyebrow at her, “It’s not pretty to whine. I put you up on the chopping block, and you lost the basketball match to me. I’m sorry Gracelyn, you need to campaign to someone else to try to save yourself.”

“Here ye, Here ye! It’s time to party!” Someone in armor cried out through the house. It was now noon and the producers (I know we’re fantastic) hired another mixologist so that they could get their drink on before the eviction vote ceremony. If they wanted to get a drink of course. And then for the last couple hours, the three in isolation will be released to mingle and try to scramble for last-minute campaign votes. (In the case of Kristy at least. )

Everyone donned the party clothes that they felt like wearing for the next few hours. Gracelyn approached Saul and offered him the deal that she had offered Kylee, but with the “Please save me tonight, stipulation.”

“No thanks Gracelyn, I don’t feel like playing basketball right now. I actually drank a little bit too much yesterday and so I’m not feeling that well. But I’ll save you tonight without having to be beaten in a match.”

Gracelyn was surprised, “Oh, thank you, Saul. I really appreciate that!”

Gunnar actually changed out of his dressy outfit that he wore every chance he got and changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater instead. “Oh yeah, super casual party clothes. I’m so stylish.”

“Oh man, it is so nerve-wracking sitting out by this firepit.” Nash started to say, “That chair keeps going up in flames for no apparent reason.”  As he finished that much of his thought the fire alarm went off.

“Oh god, am I on fire?!” Kaitlin yelped, jumping up from her chair.

“No, you’re not… I swear I don’t have magical powers and this is just a really odd coincidence. What is on fire though?”

“Not sure. I think I’ll head out to the front yard just in case.”

She passed through the house and found the knight sitting at the table with fire floating in the air behind him. “Well that’s odd.” She said as she ran through, “Fire, sir knight! You better move!”

Nash wasn’t far behind her and saw Gunnar and the hired bartender grab fire extinguishers and put out the mysterious fire.

“Woo, glad that didn’t get very far. This is what happens when knights fart after they’ve been fighting dragons. All that brimstone is still on them. You’ve all been warned.” Gunnar chuckled and stepped over the pile of ash on the floor, he was still hungry and going to finish those frank and beans though.

Kylee had the same idea. The crisis was averted again and might as well keep moving forward and get something to eat to keep their strength up. Who knew when the producers would decide to pull something random on them and they’d have to do another competition tonight or something.

Saul was off to get a drink, not that he needed one, and Nash saw him. The only people around were Kylee and the bartender. They smiled at each other. And Kylee grinned and moved away with a wink. “I’ll give you two some privacy.”

“So… do you think you’re ready?” Nash asked shyly.

“Only one way to find out,” Saul replied.

He leaned in close and gently kissed Nash on the lips. They found out quickly that they weren’t as alone as they thought they were. Tate started cheering for them from where he had just turned the corner from the hot tub. It really seemed to be his favorite place in the house.

The couple blushed and gave Tate a shy embarrassed wave. It turned out to be a good thing he had broken them apart because shortly after Kaitlin and Gunnar came around the corner from the bathroom and entered the kitchen as they were chatting heading straight for the backyard.

“Probably should pick a better spot next time.” Tate whispered, “If you’re trying to keep that adorableness quiet that is. Don’t worry. Mum’s the word from me.”

“So have you decided yet.”

“Nope. I”m going to see if Gracelyn challenges me to a basketball match. I’m itching for one since Kylee bailed on the idea. Granted she was kind of right. Basketball can get a little competitive and we all want to be friends here, not enemies.”

“Well, best of luck on your decision than.”

“Hey Clay. Looks like they let you out of isolation finally. I’ve missed you.”

Clay chuckled in a way he figured was attractive and waved her over shyly. “I missed you too.” Even though really he hadn’t been thinking about much of anything while he was in isolation to be perfectly honest with himself. “You want to go for a swim?”

Kylee laughed, “You swim, I’ll watch. I have to finish eating this before the eviction ceremony.”

“Right about that… I know you’re head of house so you probably want both of them out. But which one did you want out more?”

“Vote for whichever one you want to Clay. I’m not going to be mad at you whichever you pick.”

“Oh good.” He was relieved that he wouldn’t be betraying his alliances with his vote tonight.

“Oh no… look over there. Gracelyn is challenging Katlin to a basketball match after losing horribly to me. That poor girl won’t quit. She made two of ten baskets. I almost feel bad for her.”

“Okay, everyone. It’s time for the eviction ceremony. I hope you know who you are going to be voting for because one by one you’re going to be going into the private camera room and making your vote. ”

“This room will also be used to make your private confessionals from now on instead of just talking to the staff in quiet corners. So let the voting begin. Clay as you sat closest to the door to the private camera room, you’re up first.”

“Should there be a tie because of swing votes from the audience then our head of household Kylee will make a final vote to determine who will be evicted.”

“Who will you save? Who will you send home? Any last words from our two on the chopping block? Kristy?”

Kristy glares out the window and keeps her lips sealed shut, “no, okay how about you Gracelyn?”

Gracelyn bursts into hysterical tears in front of everyone, “I can’t believe I’m so terrible at basketball!”


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