BB1: Have nots and fight backs

“It’s time to learn who are the unlucky three that will get sent to have not isolation!” We announced cheerfully right after the chopping block crew was decided. We got a couple glares and some looks of shock. I don’t think they expected it to happen right after Kylee made her decision, ah but that’s the love of reality tv drama, isn’t it!? The unexpected!

“This will be a test of endurance.” We started as we led all but Kylee to the backyard where we had set up a series of treadmills.

“If you fall off, you’re out. If you step off, you’re out. First three out go into the have not isolation room! Yay!”

And so, the challenge begins. Everyone is running to outlast everyone else. They don’t want to be the ones that end up in the have not isolation room.

Nash decided to raise the steak a bit. He put his treadmill into hill run mode to show off a bit.

Clay was looking down the line and saw the treadmill raise. He figured he could do that too! So he set his treadmill to hill mode and was surprised by how high it actually raised. But he kept right on running, and actually found it rather fun!

Brenda and Saul weren’t about to be left out (or maybe they just thought it looked like fun too!) so they joined in the hill competition.

Than Clay slipped and smacked his head on the treadmill’s belt as it continued to spin. He held the side as he tried not to see stars like a cartoon character and pulled himself to his feet. But stepping off even by way of falling meant that he was the first to get sent to the have not isolation room.

Suddenly everyone turned and stepped off the treadmill like Clay’s failure was a sign to quit. Maybe they didn’t want to bang their heads as hard as he had. We couldn’t really be sure, but it left us with a photo finish that was hard to judge. Kristy was definitely second, but we had a hard time telling if Gunnar or Brenda had been next. So we checked the time on their machine and determined that Brenda had gone just a second less than Gunnar. Apparently, everyone forgot that there are three have-nots, and not just one!

We should have said almost everyone stepped off the treadmill and gave up; Nash wanted to keep running but we had to take it away from him and return the equipment to the gym that we had borrowed it from now that the competition was over.

Saul quickly went into the kitchen to bake some bread. He liked to have bread after a workout, and the ingredients were in the house so it would be perfect to just make some and let people snack on some delicious homemade bread. Tate joined him in the kitchen to chat with him. “Hey, Saul… Do you know how I can make some friends? I don’t want to go home yet.”

“Well, starting with a hello usually helps, and then just strike up a conversation.” Saul winked, “Kind of like you just did.”

Tate looked up quickly from his hot dog. “Does that mean you’re going to be my friend!?”

“Sure, Tate. We can be friends.”

“Wow, that was easy. Thanks, Saul!”

“Haha! No problem. Just speak up sometimes. You seem pretty cool Tate. I’m sure people will like you.”

Kylee and Kaitlin came out into the kitchen to join the guys, but before they went to the table Kaitlin stopped the head of the household to give her a hug. “Can I talk to you about the basketball tournament?” She asked cheerfully.

Kylee’s hug turned cold as, smiling, she pulled out of the quick hug. “Maybe later. I’m a little busy right now. ”

“What did I say?” Kaitlin asked giving her drink a swirl to watch the bubbles spin around the glass.

“I don’t think she wants to talk about the basketball competition. It created animosity with her and Kristy already, I doubt she wants to have more bad conversations about it, that’s why Kristy is even up on the chopping block right now. They were really friendly, and then Kristy got too pushy.”

“True… I guess I’ll have to think about that.”

In have not isolation Kristy took the bench to take a nap, and Clay took the bed. Brenda glared at both of them and marched to the cooler to get something to eat. It was all they had been given to do while they were locked in the have not isolation room. “How could they put three people in a small room with just one bed and no fridge!” She grumbled angrily.

The rest of the night was fairly quiet. Even though it was snowing, no one could resist the temptation to be by the pool, besides if they got too cold they could jump in the hot tub. It was nice that spring was just around the corner and it would get warmer and warmer out as time went on. But as it was, the crackling fire, the gently falling snowflakes that melted before they touched the ground, the gurgle of the water as it hit the filter… it was all relaxing.

Relaxing is what the entire house needed as they thought over the results of the day. The first two contestants were on the chopping block. Who would they vote for? Who would the audience vote for? Would either of them be able to remove themselves from the chopping block before elimination day?

Even the have not isolation hut was relatively quiet besides the occasional “shoo!” from the bathroom.

Gunnar seemed to be the only one that wasn’t deep within his own thoughts. Any time someone was struggling to work through their thoughts and keep good cheer they’d stumble upon Gunnar sitting in his bed, he’d toss them a joke and get them laughing.

They would feel better and than walk away with a ‘Thank you, that’s just what I needed.”

A drink or two came out of the bar as people settled their nerves.

But for the most part…

No one was talking. Until Kaitlin had finally had it. “Nash!” She shouted, being much louder than she had intended to be. “Oops sorry. Come outside with me and talk to Kaylee.”

He raised an eyebrow and tried to come up with a reason not to, but couldn’t “Okay… why?”

“I need someone to back me up about the basketball competition. It was a great idea, and I think it needs to still happen.”

“I don’t know, I can see where Kylee is -”

“Look she’s done swimming and she’s going back outside to work out right now. It’s the perfect timing.” She jumped from her chair and tossed him his jacket as she struggled into her own, then hopped into her snow pants.

“Listen Kylee,” Kaitlin began, not taking the hints from anyone that this was a terrible idea. “We were starting a really good thing with the basketball competition idea. Why are you backing out on it now?”

Kylee sighed and released the arm weights. “I decided it was a bad idea because it would divide the house. I don’t know why I have to keep explaining myself. For fun games are fine, but I feel like a competition will be to… competitive and we need to stay sane and happy with each other since we’re going to be in this house for a long time.”

Nash gave Kylee a hug after the argument, “I’m sure things will work out.” He said softly before heading back inside to get out of the cold air.

Over in have not isolation, Brenda was trying to impress Clay and bond with him. If they were going to be have-nots, perhaps they should make an alliance.

But Clay wasn’t interested. In fact, he barely noticed that Brenda was talking to him and trying to impress him. He was zoned out thinking of his own things.

Annoyed with her failure to get Kylee back on her side, and starting to get a little worried that she had upset the head of the household, Kaitlin went and got a drink from the bar. There was still the secondary competition later that could remove someone from the block, and if she didn’t make up with Kylee she might be the next one to put up on the block. Why had she been so insistent? The rest of the household was also starting to get annoyed with the fight between the active outdoors lovers.

Gracelyn felt awkward as she went on the court with Nash. Tate had come over to watch the game and she had been the one to convince Kylee to put him up on the block. He wasn’t a bad guy, just made her feel incredibly uncomfortable. But now that he was up on the chopping block she would need to vote him off before he found out that it had been her idea.

She had no idea that Brenda had also said something to convince Kylee to put him up.

“Bread makes you fat you know.” Kaitlin stated with a chuckle.

“So does alcohol you know.” Kylee retorted.

“But you’re both doing one of those… and bread is delicious.” Saul said feeling confused, “What is wrong with enjoying something delicious if you don’t go overboard.”

Kylee smiled, “Of course there is nothing wrong with it Saul. It’s just a fact.”

Kaitlin looked over at Tate who had just sat down at the table with them.  “I say that if you like alcohol and bread don’t be afraid to enjoy them whenever you want to.”

“Here, here!” Kylee laughed. “Okay guys. I’m done, so I’m gonna head off, enjoy the rest of your fat foods. I sure enjoyed mine.”

She turned her back as she set her plate in the dishwasher, so she didn’t see what happened, but Saul saw it. Kaitlin stood the moment that Tate did and she surprised him by pressing her lips against his. He blinked in surprise. “Well, that was certainly a change in emotions. I’m not sure what’s going on with Kaitlin,” he told the diary cameras later. “She starts fights one minute, and then she’s trying to seduce someone the next? I don’t understand.”

Kylee turned back around and Saul jumped up and gave her a hug. “Congratulations again on getting head of house.” He said quickly before scurrying off.

Outside at the bar, it seemed like there was another potential showmance developing between Gunnar and Gracelyn. They were talking animatedly with each other and getting really friendly. Gracelyn kept leaning forward and touching his arm every time he told a joke.

“I’m a news reporter! I could come and do a video article on what you’re doing to help the youth.”

“Yeah, that would be great! Maybe we could get a bigger budget so that we can help even more youth.”

“Another one please Nash.” Gracelyn said looking quite flushed.

“There is one in front of you Gracelyn. This one is for me.” He continued to mix his drink and told us about this moment later.

“Gunnar is a married man. I hope he continues to turn down Gracelyn’s advances so that they both do not disgrace themselves. And is she crazy? I’m not going to make her any more drinks, she wouldn’t be able to control her urges if I let her have another. I will not be the one that makes her fail to control those urges.”

“He won’t even look at me!” Brenda complained.

“So Why should I care? Are you going to save me from the votes if I care about you trying to sleep with anyone that will look at you?”

“That’s not what I’m doing at all!”

Looks like things are getting tense and heated in the have not isolation rooms.

And things are getting a little heated outside the have not isolation room as well but in a very different way. Looks like Tate probably has a vote to save him if is still on the chopping block on eviction day.

As usual, more basketball games started up. This houseguest list can’t seem to get enough of the game.

Nash was making a bunch of drinks to lay out just in case anyone got thirsty as the night wore on. It didn’t hurt that if anyone currently on the chopping block… like say, Kristy, got a hold of some of the drinks and completely flubbed the competition that would be starting in a few hours. She had managed to rub his alliance member the wrong way and he was going to stick by her decision to eliminate someone that seemed to be quite the poker player.

Tate was sitting across from him at the bar while Nash was thinking these things that he told us in the diary room later. “Listen, ” Tate started, “you’ve got to try taking a nap in the hot tub. I know I should have left my clothes on, and I will this time, but seriously you need to try it, it is super comfortable.”

“At first I didn’t understand what Tate was going on about, I was already eyeing him as a target because I hadn’t had a chance to ask Kylee why she had put him on the chopping block specifically, but I agreed to join him after he was so enthusiastic about it.” 

Saul came over from the court and decided to pick up where Nash had left off. He didn’t even care that he was stinky and sweaty. He was rather angry still about the comments that morning about bread and drink. Had they been just joking around? Were they serious that you shouldn’t have them at all.

He kept mixing, and mixing. Setting drinks in the fridge, and then mixing more.

Nash and Tate were both sound asleep in the hot tub looking quite comfortable.

Than Saul mixed some more. Finally he made two drinks that he liked, and ignoring the girls sitting at the bar to talk to him he took his two drinks and headed for the pool.

Gracelyn’s beautiful singing voice filled the backyard as she enjoyed herself. She’d had the urge to sing, so she just did. Saul double fisted, downing the two drinks quite fast… accidentally to fast, and while he’d been mixing angrily he’d made them a little stronger than he had intended.

So he was already feeling quite tipsy when Kaitlin approached him. He was about to make an angry smart alec comment about the bread but decided to keep silent. The opinions other houseguests had of you really mattered in this game. And that’s what it was, a game.

So instead, he got up as soon as he finished his two drinks and stumbled happily to take care of the drinks. He had a good alliance and had faith in them making it far. No need to make anyone angry.

Gunnar grabbed a drink and saw Gracelyn, “Hey you… you wouldn’t happen to want to head upstairs would you?”

Her eyes lit up excitedly.

“I challenge you to a foosball game!”

“How are you winning while drinking?!” She cried, spinning her handle hard to try to smack the ball to the other end.

He tipped his drink to her. “Just takes a bit of practice. You’ll get the hang of it.”

Clean and feeling a little better, Saul went down to get another drink, but as he held the mixer cup he decided it was probably a bad idea to drink anymore. He could get called for the competition that afternoon. True, it wasn’t a big stress for him, he knew he was safe. But maybe it would be better for those not in his alliance to make it look like he actually cared about the competition.

So he made marshmallows instead. The competition would be starting any minute. He stared absently into the fire and was only broken out of his thoughts by people yelling.

“Oh snap!! The cursed chair is on fire again!” Saul screamed jumping up and panicking with everyone else.

“While you’re all out here panicking, the producers have decided who the random three contestants are that will be participating in the Power of Veto Challenge with the head of the household and the two on the chopping block. Those three randomly selected bonus players are; Kaitlin, Brenda, and Saul.”

“We know that you’re panicking about the fire, but never fear! We’re getting it put out.”

“This is a waterslide competition where you will do tricks as you slide down. We will not tell you what each slide is worth until the competition is over and we announce the winner.”

“Kristy, you’re the first up.”

First up to try to redeem herself from the chopping block by winning the competition was Kristy. She wasn’t as young as the other competitors, and maybe she shouldn’t have played it so safe, but she was proud of herself for her two standing slides and her slide on her side. Besides, she was having fun!

Next up was Tate who started off with a slide on his feet to get used to the slipperiness of the material with the water. But despite having hung out in the background for most of the show so far, he was in this game to win it. He was awkward and shy, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to win. He stunned the other houseguests with a front flip into a butt slide, and then spun like crazy on his back to really step up the competition.

As the head of the household, Kylee went next to compete against those that she had put on the chopping block. She started off strong with two backspin slides, but when she ran up to do a flip to beat Tate’s score, she chickened out and slid across standing up. But in a way, she didn’t mind missing his score by one point.

Finally, it was time for the three random competitors that were drawn so they could attempt to win the power of veto. If they won the competition they could choose someone to remove from the chopping block.

First up was Saul who put absolutely no effort into his slides. He was a little drunk and didn’t want to hurt himself. He also wasn’t too worried about the outcome of the votes yet, there was no particular person he wanted to remove from the chopping block, so he didn’t feel like he needed to win this mini competition.

Next up was Brenda, she has been stuck in have not isolation for the past day and is incredibly uncomfortable and cranky. But she is also in this competition to win it as she has been showing over and over… Okay, maybe she is just trying to look good for television, as she walks away with four points compared to Tate’s six.

Katlin went last and was really exhausted by that time. She was stressed because of the fire that had started yet again at the cursed chair, and just generally wasn’t feeling too enthusiastic about a slip and slide competition. She needed to score big, as the final hope in stopping Tate from winning the challenge. But when her first pass equated to a fall, her nerves snapped. Embarrassed, she did some basic tricks and went back to her seat, leaving Tate as the winner of the competition.

As the winner, he got to remove himself from the chopping block. But someone else needed to replace him, and Kylee knew just who she wanted to add after they had sold out Tate as a bad guy when clearly he had been doing nothing wrong besides being socially awkward. She was almost relieved he had won the competition, but instead, she put Gracelyn up on the chopping block.

Tate won, and now Gracelyn is on the chopping block because she was just trying to start drama and Kylee didn’t like that. Tate as she got to know him the next day was a really nice guy. And Nash vouched for him heavily.

Brenda had returned to the have not isolation room when everyone broke away from the new chopping block announcement. She was starting to meditate when she heard her name called by both people on the block.

“Are you kidding? Kylee is pissed about me wanting Tate on the chopping block. You’re the one who told me that he was skinny dipping in the hot tub this is all your fault!” Gracelyn started in.

“And I’m up here because of this basketball fight which is a load of crock. Why aren’t you up here for your sleezy shove your tits in everyone’s face for a little bit of attention!” Kristy continued.

“I am not shoving them in anyone’s face! I happen to enjoy my assets and am comfortable with them like this for my own sake! I am sorry I am not an old hag like you desperate for attention and filled with jealousy. ” Brenda retorted angrily.

“And you Gracelyn, it is a truth that he was naked in the hot tub and I did not approve. I have told you because I wished to share, not get you put on the chopping block. ”

“I wish now that I could vote for both of you angry people. Good luck on eviction day.” Brenda stood up and stormed off back to have not isolation and yanked her coat on. It had been cold out there in the backyard.

The door clicked behind her.”Oh great. I forgot the jealous old hag would be sleeping with me in here. Still trying to get my pity votes? I’d say not.”

Through gritted teeth and a smile, Kristy growled, “Why don’t you get a nice sleep on the bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch when Clay wakes up.”

“How about you go take a shower because your attitude stinks. You’re still not getting me to save you based on your attitude tonight.”

“I do not know which of them I will vote off on eviction day. I wish it could be both of them. They have misjudged me and I do not wish for them to stay any longer. I hope you all are preparing your votes for next week. I feel this is going to be a rough first elimination.” Brenda told the diary camera later on when she asked politely if she could be let out of isolation to make a confessional. 

All was happy inside the house. Who else wonders what will happen when the drama that just took place in the backyard leaks out?


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