AAS: A fiery festival

Dear Alex,

You and I have gotten quite fond of going to the festivals when they are in the city. Back when we went to the geek convention I figured it would be safe because no one would question your blue skin, but you’re so smart and friendly with everyone that I don’t think people question it at all anyways. Maybe the city is just used to seeing others like you.

I’ve actually been starting to think that perhaps there are others in the city from your crash… I know it is a sensitive subject and we don’t really talk about it. But I’m glad your nightmares have stopped.

Today we went to the Spice festival in San Myshuno. We raced from the bus stop into the festival for a little bit of exercise. You don’t know this because I have to give you a fair race despite my longer legs, but I run slower and make sure that I can hear your feet behind me. I’m sure that you can take care of yourself, but I worry about you anyways. You’re still young.

You get mad if I pretend to be slower than I am, you know when I’m letting you win. I think you’re just pushing yourself to see if you can be faster than me one day, and you can’t judge that if I am holding back.

The first thing that we did was the curry challenge. You were unafraid of it. Me, I was a little nervous. I love spicy food, but sometimes when it is to spicy I just can not handle it and I need twelve glasses of water.

You, however, ate it like a champ. I think you even really enjoyed it.

Me… i was nervous about that first bite.

And I pushed myself as far as I could. But god by the end of it was my mouth burning.

You were content to stand in the middle of the plaza while you ate. I think you enjoyed watching everyone. I was fine with that because it wasn’t super busy since we came at the beginning of the festival and not everything was open quite yet. It would get busier as the night wore on. You were in eyesight, and that was enough for me for now.

I’m really proud of you for being able to complete the challenge. I couldn’t. I got really close though! Yes, your mom is defending herself and the failure of not finishing the entire dish. It was really delicious before my mouth started building up with the fire.

You had a funny suggestion though. After sitting in the middle of the courtyard eating your bowl of curry, you wanted to go check out something you had seen just on the outskirts of the festival. A basketball court.

I am no expert at basketball, in fact, I’m pretty darn rusty, but I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea. I couldn’t teach you much other than ‘try your best’ because well.. really. I’m lousy at sports.

I wish it had been more enjoyable. I’m writing this right after we got home because about here is when I started to regret coming out. Don’t get me wrong though Alex, the basketball game was a ton of fun! I really enjoyed it.

I’m pretty sure you scored more points than I did though. But no, it’s who came up to us when we were playing that makes me nervous.

“Hey! Hey kid!” He kept calling you trying to get your attention. You were doing a pretty good job of ignoring him, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you ignore anyone before.

“Hey, I just want to talk to you.” The man continued pestering you.

“Sorry mister, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

At that point, I was glaring at him. “Excuse us. We’re going to leave now.” I took your shoulder and steered you back into the festival to escape him in the crowd. He followed after us.

“Do you know him?” I asked you. You shook your head. Then said something that scared me. “I think he hunts down my gotos. I think he is just confused. No… misunderstood. But he makes me feel funny inside. I don’t like him.”

What do you mean hunts down? I tried not to think the worst. I decided not to delve into it to far and just get us home.

When you got home all the worry left your face. “I stink! I need a bath.” You grinned brightly. “Do we have more bubble soap?”

I shook my head with a laugh and pulled the bubble soap out of my secret hiding place. If I didn’t hide it you would use as much of it as possible. You still loved your bubble baths even after all these years.

I know why you wanted to take a bubble bath now. You would get free rein on the bubbles for a bit while your family took me for another visit.

While I was gone you got water out of the bathroom sink that I never let you do. (It always tastes weird cause the pipes are different. ) You told me after because you’re such a good boy.

I returned home exhausted after this trip, I’m not sure why.

Someone looked a little smug over breakfast… and by that I mean you decided to get a slice of cake while I was still waking up.

I insisted that you work on your homework while we talked about the previous night. That’s when you told me about your glass of water from the bathroom. Honestly, I think you’re trying to distract me from the man at the festival.

In fact… I think that’s why your family took me for a visit as well. I pondered it over my own breakfast as we talked things out and helped with your homework.

You’re off to school now, filled with confidence and good cheer. So¬† I have to believe he wasn’t a truly bad man even though he made me uncomfortable. I’m going to crunch some numbers and see how close we are to getting you a rocket.

I love you Alex.


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