BB1: The first chopping block

Thanks to the fire, everyone’s night was interrupted and everyone was now wide awake. This could prove very troublesome, with tensions running high, people were bound to say things they would regret. The next twenty-four hours or so would be spent trying to convince the head of the household, Kylee, that there was a reason they should stay.

Saul wasn’t really worried since he had just made an alliance with Kylee just before the head of household competition. But to keep appearances up and not give away their alliance he met her at the kitchen island for burgers with Kristy and Tate.

Tate was in a relatively good mood despite the fire. He was happy to chat up the folk in the kitchen. Pretty soon, Nash joined them finding the idea to converse with everyone as a cover up a fantastic idea.

Kylee and Saul switched seats with a private grin and everyone continued to dig into their burgers. “So when are we going to do this basketball competition?” Kristy asked Kylee, her attempt to impress to the head of the household since it had seemed to have been her plan in the beginning, and she figured it would get her bonus points to stay in the game.

“Honestly, I’m not too sure.” She said with a laugh. “It was just kind of an on a whim type of idea. But I’m trying to think how we would make teams. It would seem weird to divide the house like that. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a true competition.”

Kristy looked at her in disbelief and shock but bit back a smart alec reply. Nash and Brenda, however, saw the look.

Later in the confessionals, Kristy told us “I couldn’t believe that she just changed her mind like that. Head of the household should have been mine in the first place and she just got lucky with the questions.”

When she got up in a huff and vacated her seat, it was quickly taken over by Gunnar who was happy to sit and start another conversation with Brenda. They were really hitting it off as good friends.

“Hello, Gunnar.” She laughed. “Any interesting stories for me this time?”

He started telling her about a time at the restaurant he frequents and the dramatic tale of a robbery that he witnessed.

We followed the head of household outside where Kristy was arguing with Kylee trying to convince her to make more solid plans for the basketball competition. “Ugh, I don’t know Kristy. I don’t think it’s that great an idea to try to split the household. I know how sports fanatics can get when they’re fighting over teams. I still plan to do some kind of game at least though.”

“Well, I’m going to show you that I am ready for this competition, let me go change.”

Gracelyn slipped over from her conversation with Saul when Kristy left. “Hey Kylee, I need to admit something to you. I think that Tate and Gunnar are a little bit creepy, and I’d rather they didn’t stay in the house. I would feel more comfortable if they were gone.”

Kylee looked up at her in surprise. “Really I didn’t get that about them at all, Tate actually seems really friendly and helpful, though a little bit nerdy, and Gunnar just seems to be filled with laughs.”

“I just wanted to let you know is all. They both seem to give us girls really creepy looks and it makes my skin crawl with shivers.”

“Well, I’ll keep your thoughts in mind when I make my final decision for the first two on the chopping block.”

Kristy came back outside and got right into the game to show off her skills. Behind her, Brenda was having fun mixing drinks for her and Gunnar.

Gunnar took his up to the foosball table to see if anyone wanted to play but instead found Nash sound asleep for a nap on the couch.

Brenda smiled brightly as she took her drink and got ready to go follow Gunnar and hang out with him further. Her plans changed when the smile wiped from her face as she watched Tate run outside and head for the hot tub.

He was completely naked and carrying his jacket to put on once he got out. But instead of just sitting and enjoying the hot tub, he just climbed in and took a nap.

Kristy came inside and kissed Kylee on each cheek. “I’m sorry I was so rude earlier. I was just getting really excited about the basketball competition.” She said trying to smooth over her earlier aggression. Kylee smiled politely and then broke into a grin of relief when Gracelyn walked up to see what they were talking about.

“Hey Gracelyn, what’s going on.”

Gracelyn grinned embarrassed, “I’ve changed my mind about what I said earlier.” She covered her face embarrassed. “I’ve just gone to get a drink from Brenda, she’s a fantastic drink mixer by the way. Guess who is in the hot tub naked!”

“Naked? No!! Who would get naked and go outside in this cold?”

“Tate! Can you believe him? National television and he’s proudly sleeping in a hot tub naked for the world to see.”

“Oh my gosh no! Is he really? Oh dear, that’s not good, is it… I really don’t think that’s the kind of show that this was supposed to be.”

Kylee sighed and went outside to shoot more hoops, but she was still followed everywhere she went by her housemates trying to make a good impression on her.

“Come on. Clay here would even love have an actual basketball competition instead of just a game. Those were the initial plans. You’ve got our hopes up.” Clay raised his eyebrows showing his surprise at being included in this.

“Kristy. Please stop trying. I decided that a competition would be a bad idea, end of story. I’ve got a lot to think about before I make a decision for the chopping block tonight. ”

Kristy sighed and went to make herself a drink in frustration. She didn’t notice Tate climb out of the hot tub and slide into his winter things.

Then she slammed her cup down on the counter as she slid into a seat next to Gunnar in the kitchen. Unluckily for her, Kaitlin saw.

“Hey Kylee! Do you know what’s going on with Kristy? I just saw her fuming at the kitchen counter grumbling curses.”

“Oh, she’s mad at me for changing my mind about the basketball competition. I figured it was actually a terrible idea since it would actually split the household to make teams and not make bonding chances except with your own team. But just having pick up games for fun would work fine.”

“Oh my gosh! I hadn’t even thought about that! Great call Kylee. ”

Nash slipped over, “I just heard what you said. You made the right decision.” He gave her a hug and then walked back away like it was nothing.

Kaitlin giggled. “Well he’s certainly a sweetheart isn’t he?”

They watched him walk over the work out machine and start talking with Gracelyn who seemed to be cheering him on as he worked out.

“Yeah, he is pretty sweet.” They exchanged girly giggles and went inside out of the snow. “We have a great friendship already don’t we.”

“You got it, girl. We definitely need to hang out after the show too.”

Saul came up to her a little later. “Nash told me what Kristy said.” He whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry she’s making drama for you. Ignore her.”]

“Thank you, Saul.” She whispered back, “I’m going to go thank Nash as well for sending you. This is a huge responsibility to be the first head of the household, and it is wearing on me.”

As things always seemed to end up since the first day, people were drawn to the basketball court to just have some fun. Brenda gave a once-over to Clay as he walked up to Kylee to talk to her, but they kept their interaction brief. As he walked back towards the house though, Kristy waved him over to the fire.

“What’s going on Kristy?” He said cautiously, sitting down next to her at the fire.

“You’re the youngest here, I’m the oldest. You like…” she cringed, “romance novels, and I can’t stand that garbage. I have a proposition for you.” She poked the fire to keep it going, drawing out his curiosity and making sure that no one else was listening. “I say we create an alliance, no one will ever suspect it between the two of us. I’ll back you up just as you backed me up earlier with the basketball competition earlier.”

Clay looked at her guiltily when she was leaning forward, but he didn’t say anything and cleared the shock from his face before she looked back at him. It would help to have another alliance, even if he didn’t plan to take full advantage of it. “Deal. I’ll back you up whenever I can, and you do the same.”

Kylee got interrupted again as Gunnar came up to her. “I’m not much of a basketball player myself.” He laughed, “So I hope it’s okay to just tell you some jokes that I know.”

Quickly they got surrounded as everyone within earshot started laughing to all Gunnar’s hilarious stories and jokes. “You’re a riot” Kylee breathed through tears of laughter.

The two of them went upstairs when they ran into Saul, and they all got into a conversation over a chess game.

Brenda downstairs was still scheming for attention and had decided to take another shower and continue her walk around the house in her towel plans. The plan being, get the guys on her side because of her looks, so that they wouldn’t think of sending her home. No problem for Nash to ignore since he had a giant crush on Saul.

Which meant it was also no problem for Saul to ignore because he had a crush on Nash. Clay was ignoring it because he had a crush on Kylee. In fact, Brenda was pretty much striking out with her scheming idea

Gunnar was the only one that seemed to be affected by it at all, but he was friendly with everyone.

She sighed giving up and going back to mixing drinks to try to get people in a tipsy flirtatious mood instead. Behind her, Kylee was cooking and she turned around and tapped her on the shoulder. “Here, you should stick this towel in your pocket in case you need to wipe your hands. Grills are quite dirty.”

Kylee rolled her eyes and laughed, “It’s not like I’m going to touch the grill Brenda, it’s hot!” But she slid the hand towel in her pocket anyway.

“Wait Kylee!” She called as Kylee walked over to sit by the campfire and eat her dinner. “Uh oh… to late.” She said biting the knuckle on her pointer.

Kylee turned around and held up the now half burnt towel.

“What exactly was your plans with this?”

“I swear! I didn’t know it was going to catch fire! I didn’t think about the fact that I had been using it to clean the alcohol glasses. Seriously I didn’t mean for that to happen!”

Our bell chimed to signify it was time for Kylee to make her decision. Everyone started wandering over to sit down. Sliding into their winter jackets and bundling up because the snow as still falling slowly.

“For the first chopping block of this big brother show, I put up Tate and Kristy to try to defend their worth to the house.”

Tate nodded with a sigh and took his seat in the chopping block chairs. Kristy, however, was a different story entirely. She burst into tears, “How can you do this to me? Just because I think the basketball competition YOU came up with is a good idea and argued with you when you backed out on your own idea? How is this fair!?”

Everyone around the chopping block looked anywhere but at Kristy, they were all feeling incredibly awkward. Clay wondered if there was anything he could really back up here for his new alliance member, but his showmance alliance was more important to him so he kept his mouth shut. Now was not the time to defend.

“It wasn’t entirely my idea, and you were being really rude to me because of my own opinions. If that’s how you are going to treat people, I don’t think you should be in the house.” Kylee stated simply with a shrug.

Next episode should be filled with drama as 3 people get sent into the have not isolation room, and then Kristy and Tate have a chance to compete for their chance to stay in the house and put someone else on the block instead.


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