BB: The first head of house

Before our commercial break, we were just heading into the first-ever competition for the head of house position with a trivia challenge!

The first two competitors selected for the head to head challenge were Kristy and Nash.

Our first question was: “What is the medical term for a routine spay?”

Kristy slammed on the buzzer we’d set up at the podiums so fast that Nash barely had time to process the question and instead jumped in surprise when the buzzer sounded next to him from Kristy’s booth. “What is an ovariohysterectomy.” She cried triumphantly.

“You know this isn’t Jeopardy and you don’t have to answer in the form of a question right?”

“I know, but it’s so much fun and I watch a lot of Jeopardy it’s kind of ingrained into me.” She blushed shyly as Nash stepped down from the podium and the next contestant, Saul, walked up to take his chance at the trivia questions.

We started to read the next question, “Of the many famous violin concertos out there, ” and both Saul and Kristy excitedly brought their hands towards their buzzers in preparation to hit it. “this famous concerto written in 1878 is known as what composers most famous, and most difficult piece to play?”

Both contestants slammed their hands on the buzzer but Kristy’s went off first and she looked over guiltily at Saul before announcing, ” What is Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto.”

Saul laughed in good humor in response to her being faster, “I think you and I are going to need to have a nice deep conversation about classical music.” He said with a smile before leaving the podium. “I adore classical music.”

“Oh absolutely! I would love that.” She replied happily, “It’s nice to see young folk still in love with the classical music and all of its fine composers.”

We called Kylee to the podium next and Saul took her seat.

A/N: I’m very amused by the body language of all the contestants during this head of household challenge. I hope you all enjoy it as well. 

“Question three, What is the low impact exercise program named after its creator that uses practices from yoga, ballet, t’ai chi and belly dancing?”

For once, Kristy looked confused as Kylee pressed her buzzer in, “That would be Callanetics. It’s actually a really wonderful program.”

“I have never heard of that. Nice job Kylee.” Kristy said with a smile stepping down from the podium.

“You should try it sometime. It feels wonderful once you get the slow movements right.”

” What is the use for diatomaceous earth?” we asked after Clay took his place at the vacated podium.

“Uh… I have no idea.” Clay said looking embarrassed.

Kylee was rubbing her head, “I know this, hold on… yeah!” She pressed her buzzer, “it is used to repel slugs and kill bugs!”

Brenda took the podium and held her hand over the buzzer right away before we even started the questions. She wanted to be ready to smack the buzzer when she heard the question.

“What Brazilian dance was originally used for informal fun after a religious ceremony?”

Brenda slammed the buzzer and then looked like she regretted it, “Uh… Salsa?”

Kylee shook her head and pressed her buzzer. “Samba.” We declared Kylee the winner for the round, who gave her opponent an apologetic look as Tate took her place.  As they passed while Brenda was on the way to Tate’s vacated seat she shot daggers at him with her eyes.

We cleared our throat ignoring the obvious hatred that Brenda had for Tate for whatever reason. “How many poses are used in the sun salutation yoga routine?”

Tate pressed the buzzer as Kylee was counting on her fingers, “Eight.” He announced with confidence.

We shook our head, “Sorry but no. Nice guess though.”

Kylee buzzed in, ” twelve?” She said with uncertainty. “I’m pretty sure I counted them right.”

“That is correct. Kylee you are really holding the podium, nice job. Gunnar, you’re her next opponent.”

“An anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet wrote what story that depicts the tale of a hero who fought the monster Grendel?”

Once again Kylee pressed the buzzer quite quickly. “That’s the story of Beowulf. I read it in high school though it confused me quite a bit.”

“I thought that was a movie?”

“I think it was at some point.” Kylee agreed, “it’s one of those really old books that has had many publications and retellings, like Grimm’s fairy tales.”

“Beowulf is the correct answer though.” We said interrupting the conversation. “So we’re moving on to Gracelyn.”

Gracelyn vacated her seat for Gunnar to sit down as she took her place at the podium. “What does AOM mean in dog shows?”

“Ugh, I hate dog shows, not fair,” Gracelyn complained.

Kylee took a moment to think, “It’s been a while since I watched a dog show.” She hesitantly pressed her buzzer. “I believe it stands for Award of Merit.”

Tate piped up. “What is wrong with dog shows Gracelyn? They’re about showing off the majestic nature of dogs and all of their amazing talents. It’s dog appreciation.”

“They’re just ridiculous is all. What’s the point?”

“There are some really amazing ones out there, you should give them another chance.”

Gracelyn frowned and took Kaitlin’s seat who was the last contestant left to go to the podium. Seems like she is going to keep silent and not continue the argument about dog shows.

“This is our final question of the first round. What is the national cocktail of Brazil that is made from sugarcane h-”

Kylee slammed on the buzzer before we could completely finish the question, “Caipirinha!” She declared with excitement.

Kaitlin started laughing, “Do we really need to do a second round? Kylee seems to be full of fun facts. I think we have a clear winner.”

Voices echoed confirmation around the circle.

“Well, I guess I’ll just toss out the rest of these trivia questions, congratulations Kylee on achieving the status of first head of household!

The rest of the night was free socializing for the contestants, so we let them settle down to do whatever they wished. Right here is when we noticed that things were starting to go downhill. Everyone really started to regret not learning where the bathroom was.

First, was Saul who lost control of his bladder when he tried to come hang out by the fire with everyone.

Clay jumped right up and grabbed a mop to clean up the mess with a mop he found leaning by the bar.

Saul, on the other hand, jumped in the pool to try to get clean. Just like he didn’t know where the toilet was, he didn’t know where the shower was, so he tried to swim off the disturbed feelings he had from peeing himself on national television.

He wasn’t alone though, Gunnar quickly followed him.

And took up the idea of using the pool in the middle of the snowfall to get clean. It was like a polar bear dive of shame initiation into the big brother house.

On the court where Clay and Kaitlin were getting more practice for the upcoming basketball game they were planning, Brenda was the third to follow suit in the failures.

Kylee saw the accidents happening and grabbed the mop to clean up the court and asked Clay to find out from staff where the bathrooms were so that everyone wouldn’t have these problems any longer. “Or just go explore.” She laughed seeing his face. He looked like he needed to go as well.

The head of the house was hoping if they could find the bathroom and spread the news, the accidents would stop.

But she was a little late, upstairs Kristy was also losing control on her bladder by the foosball table.

Brenda took a quick dive in the pool. It was bitterly cold and she couldn’t stand it so she was quickly back out.

And straight to bed.

In fact, it started to look like most people were turning in for the night to get ready for the next day of the reality show. They had no idea what we could possibly throw at them. Only a few people remained awake.

Tate was collecting dishes from all around the house to get them washed up and ready for meals the next day. No point in leaving the dirty dishes around to have to wash in the morning when you were tired and just wanted to eat.

Clay decided to relax and enjoy himself. First, he tried out the bubble blower.

Then he mixed himself a simple drink to enjoy himself and relax as everyone was sleeping.

Kaitlin caught Tate cleaning dishes and she decided to thank him. It was nice to see the dishes being cleaned up. As we watched though, we have a feeling that she had alternative motives and was working on setting up deeper friendships so that she would last longer in the game.

Because as Tate decided to take a nap outside in the light snowfall.

Kaitlin moved and started to chat with Saul.

She collected more dishes and washed them.

Then she chatted with Nash and let him know where the bathrooms were since she had found them. Just in case he wasn’t aware of where they were.

In the bathroom, Nash encountered Brenda coming out of the showers just wrapped in a towel with no fear of being seen. She gave him a flirtatious smile and swung her hips as she walked out of the room to let him use the facilities in peace.

One problem with being tired and trying to look flirty, so you’re not paying attention to how close you pull your chair to the fire…

It catches on fire. Lucky for Brenda Clay was still wide awake and knew where the fire extinguisher was.

“Ummm, guys. Clay already got it. isn’t that a little overkill?” Kylee asked with her eyebrows raised.


A/N: I wanted to release these in parts where it was just here’s the three days of gameplay, now let’s vote! But I feel like they’re just getting to long if I do that and still write enough for you to really get to know the characters so that you can vote with fair judgments. So I’m sorry this is turning into a bit longer of a story than I had planned initially. xD



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