BB1: All the firsts

A/N: Warning, there are gifs with moving images that may cause issues with some types of visions. I tried to make it as gentle of a slideshow gif as possible with its order. But they’re still pretty sudden, and the two gifs are going at a different speed which is bugging MY eyes. So wanted to put a warning down here at the beginning. xD  Don’t try to watch them both at the same time. 

The first week in the house was very eventful. First off, the first ever group of contestants on the show needed to get to know each other. Of course, they also needed to find a good location to take a selfie for the memory wall, and get settled into the home they would be living in for the next couple months.

Based on their reactions to being able to take their memory wall photos right here on site, we think that this season is off to a fantastic start already. It went so well, that we took some more photos with this crazy bunch. They were so excited about moving in we didn’t get a chance to give them a proper tour of the house. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite them later in the competition.

If you’ve been following along with the website we put up before the contestants moved in, you will have seen their profiles that were submitted in order to be accepted on to the show. We have quite the diverse group here, but oddly enough, most of them have one thing in common. They love sports. We’re expecting a very active group for our first group of contestants. As much as we tried to really make a wider spread for the overdramatizing that is loved in reality shows, this first group will have to make their own.

To pull out the win, they may have to pull out all the stops, ignoring the similarities between each other, and go for the gold so to speak. (Her her, bad Olympics humor right there. )

Now that my bad humor is out of the way, let’s look again at this group as they begin to explore the house, and see if we can find out where the drama is happening. Who is becoming friends with who? Who is already planning alliances to take them to the end of the game? Will we have any final twos right out of the gates?

Starting the bonding over basketball is Clay Granger, a student from Deleware who loves romance novels and is our youngest competitor for this first season at just barely 21. He and 28-year old basketball youth advisor, Nash Bernard are already beginning to converse on the court and get to know each other a little better.

We don’t hear any talk of alliances yet. But will we? These two are already hitting things off really fast, and we expect something to come out of this pretty early on. For now, we will let the friendships continue to grow between them.

Over by the fire is our second oldest competitor Gunnar Garcia eyeing up…  sizing up his competition. We trust he’s not actually checking out the news reporter from the big apple. She’d have word back to his wife and kids faster than he could say fruit salad. These two we’re not sure if they are going to see eye to eye even though Gunnar’s dream vacation is in Gracelyn’s home state. She loves the hustle and bustle of the big city, and Gunnar dreams of the rolling hills and tranquil lakes of the rural part of New York.

Being from Ohio with its flat fields must leave some desire for something grander. He hates DC comics, and she loves most geek things. Okay, so we’re rubbing our hands in glee in the hopes that some drama flares up between these two. It will certainly kick our new show off with a bang!

Speaking of New York, Saul Carter is another New Yorker, though he is from central New York closer to what Gunnar is looking for. But as Gracelyn takes a seat and they start to chat they find that the two of them have a little bit in common. It’s a short chat because we sadly have to interrupt it for the meet and greet house party. But I’m sure they can pick up their “Inconceivable!” conversation at another time.

Kylee is the first to get changed for the party, though the others followed shortly after. My goodness did she dress to impress! With the snow on the forecast though, I doubt she will stay in that outfit for very long.

But looks like someone else is as well. Despite the cold, Kylee and Kaitlin are both donning their shorter dresses and heading outside. The two of them are both from warm parts of the world coming from Southern California and Florida, but they both simply adore backpacking and that tends to lead them into cold areas where they might night have the right clothes because of a sudden temperature change. Or climbing high into the mountains and the threat of snow here on our little island is nothing in comparison.

Gunnar does seem to be appreciating the lovely ladies that joined us for the show because we caught him exchanging looks with Brenda Pollard, a supermodel from the port town of Kingston in Washington state. Showmances are a thing, and it is for 100,000 simoleons. So perhaps since she reciprocated the glance there could be something coming out of this down the road.

Just hope his wife and kids aren’t mad. Remember though, none of the contestants in the household have any access to media. No computers, tv, or internet. They only have each other’s company. When you’re cooped up this long and not able to be released, something is bound to happen.

Back outside, the fire is starting to get popular. Saul and our oldest contestant Kristy are discussing the health benefits of swimming. Mostly how relaxing it is and they can’t wait to try out the pool once the air warms up more.

Tate Bearden a civil engineer for aviation from Texas, and Nash from earlier join the conversation. Tate notices Saul and Nash exchange glances and color creep into their cheeks. “This is just like a romance novel!” He cries in delight. Kristy however absolutely despises ‘trashy romance novels’ and takes Tate’s comment as him being lewd to her. She didn’t notice the exchange that took place between the other two men sitting around the fire.

As a result, talk turns back to basketball and swimming as Nash tries to defuse the situation and not get his plan discovered. It was a close call, but turning back to sports chilled the sudden heat flares expertly. We’ve mentioned it before, and we shall mention it again. Somehow this group of contestants has a lot more in common with each other than differences.

Back to the basketball court, the dresses are coming off as the ladies decide to get in some dribbling practice and basic hoops competition. Everyone is laughing and having a great time. Kylee and Kaitlin exchanged looks and nodded at each other. “You miss the outdoors too. Don’t you?” Kaitlin asks with a laugh.

“Yes, I do. I’m glad everyone here is so willing to just relax with what we do have though. It’s going to make this house completely bearable for the entirety of the competition. No matter how far I go, I’ll always have a good friend to play some hoops with. Everyone here is already so amazing!”

“I agree.”

Between them, Gracelyn grinned. She was already focusing on the game. Were they making a play towards the end, or were they being completely honest? She couldn’t tell, but she knew that these two were already going to be a threat and it would be good to cozy up to them with friendship to keep her in the game longer.

Kaitlin changed and decided to join the game, figuring it would be fun to shoot some hoops. It seemed to be the activity of the house anyway, and if she kept in shape she was sure to beat them in competition if the need arose. “actually,” she told us later, “I was thinking about setting up a little friendly competition game to promote friendship in the house just as Kylee was talking about. It would let everyone stay active since we all seem to be pretty active beings. It would just be really cool you know?”

She took the ideas she was getting and immediately acted upon them.

She grabbed the nearby Clay and ran her idea past him. “What do you think about playing some basketball regularly so that we can all enjoy the outdoors instead of being cooped inside the house at all times?”

“I think that is a brilliant idea!” He replied enthusiastically. The two continued to shoot hoops together and go over their ideas of what they could do to arrange it happening. Kaitlin was used to arranging things as a sales representative, so it shouldn’t be that hard for her to twist those skills into setting up some kind of basketball tournament just for the sake of playing and keeping themselves entertained.

Hopefully, it doesn’t start any rivalries though. Getting a little chilly out in the cloudy skies that were threatening snow, Clay slid on some winter clothes to warm up. He’d been outside playing hoops for a long time and the sweat he was covered in was making him even colder.

Saul joined the conversation and by the time everyone was done talking; five of the ten people outside on the basketball court had agreed that a basketball tournament would be a fantastic idea for some house unity. Kaitlin saw this as a good sign and high fived Kylee as she walked by to head upstairs and try to recruit some more of the household to their cause.

“Hey wait up!” Saul called, “I’m going to join you.”

Brenda was once again hanging out with Gunnar. The two of them seem to be secretly inseparable. We haven’t noticed anything interesting enough to catch on film in the edit. But we can say that they keep ending up together for some reason. They were currently talking and having a laugh over some silly joke, and Kaitlin waited for a good moment to pitch her idea to them.

Finally, in a lawl in the conversation, she spoke up. “We’re looking to get a basketball competition going in the house so that we’re not all always cooped up inside. Not for money or part of the official show. Just for house unity and to have some fun. What do you two think?”

Brenda’s head snapped around from Gunnar with a huge smile on her face. “I adore basketball! That is a fantastic idea!!” Gunnar slinked out of the room and back down the stairs feeling the attention on him wane. He wasn’t much of a sports guy so he couldn’t get into the conversation. Maybe there would be someone outside that he could talk to.

“Hey, Gunnar,” Kylee said offering him a bright smile. “You look a little flustered, what’s up?”

“Oh, this silly basketball competition…”

Kylee clapped her hands with glee, “Isn’t it a fantastic idea!”

Gunnar’s face fell but he quickly recovered with a shake of his head and a laugh. “Well I guess, if all the lovely ladies are into basketball I guess I have to agree and bring my rusty self to the court as well. I’m not a basketball person.”

“Well, what are you into?

“I love Italian food.” He replied with a wink, tapping his belly.

She laughed as Saul joined them outside. “I do love me some Italian food, but I’m not as big of a fan as you are I’d say. Shamefully, I mostly only know Italian food from Olive Garden.”

He scoffed in shock and pulled out a chair at the fire. “Sit, sit!! I insist that you let me educate you on Italian cuisine.”

Back upstairs, we tune back in again on Kaitlin’s conversation with Brenda, discovering that Tate had decided to join them at the chess table and find out more about the basketball game being planned. He is a huge fan of basketball and is really excited about the plans being made.

Brenda scoffed and Kaitlin hopped up to show her seriousness of the competition by doing some sit-ups. Later in the confessionals room, Brenda explained that she had a bad feeling about Tate and was scoffing at him and hadn’t meant for it to be audible. He gave her a bad feeling that she couldn’t quite place her finger on it.

She got up feeling bad about the miscommunication with Kaitlin and went to find Gunnar who she was constantly having a good time with.

The misunderstanding would be cleared up later for sure because Brenda had actually gone straight outside to get her basketball skills back up. She was feeling a little rusty and didn’t want to hang out near Tate.

Kaitlin, however, was unperturbed and hopped right up to get in a chess game with Tate and continue the campaign for getting a basketball competition set up.  We tuned back in to the other planners to see what they were up to and noticed something interesting going on.

Kylee and Clay were staring at each other with love in their eyes. Suddenly it looked like there was going to be a huge twist in the drama that we had not expected from the first day.

As if nothing had happened they brushed past each other and walked in opposite directions to sit down at the table with Kristy and Gracelyn.

But they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other even as they tried to continue to promote the basketball competition idea with Gracelyn’s help.

Clay raised his chin and thrust it towards the door. He had an idea and wanted to talk to Kaylee about it.

When they walked outside they found Nash shooting the same eyes at Saul as he had been earlier, and Saul being embarrassed. A slow grin spread across Clay’s face and he practically pranced over and took their hands pulling them out of their stools and whispered in their ears.

They all quickly rushed around the fire to make it look like they were just enjoying the fire and chatting. But the four had something else in mind entirely. Clay proposed his idea after looking around to make sure that everyone was out of earshot.

“I like Kaylee.” He stated bluntly. “I can see that you Nash, and Saul, like each other. So I’m proposing an alliance to take the four of us to the end and split the winnings between the four of us. None of us have someone waiting for us at home, and I feel like the four of us deserve it. I don’t need 100 thousand, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. But I think 25 thousand would be manageable enough to get me settled into something that would make me do better with my life without losing who I am.”

The other three listened quietly. Then Nash and Saul met eyes across the fire and smiles broke out around the fire. Almost in perfect unison, everyone said “deal.”

Kaylee continued, “I don’t think that we should make it obvious what we’re planning though.”

“Agreed.” Nash replied, “I’m afraid they will take our romance to be something planned just for the show. ” He smiled at Saul, “That’s not the case for me in the slightest.”

Saul blushed and nodded, unable to find words. Kaylee looked at Clay and nodded her agreement, “I feel the same. Let’s continue how we’ve been going, and keep an eye out for each other.”

Everyone echoed “deal” a second time and then broke off from the fire so that their quick meeting around the campfire wasn’t suspicious.

“Oh my gosh Brenda!” Kaylee squealed in delight, ” I didn’t know that you liked basketball too! Would you like to join our basketball competition we’re planning? You look fantastic!”

Brenda held back and amused laugh, “I’ve already heard about it doll, and I would love to. What are we doing for teams?”

“Oh… well it’s not planned yet, we were just trying to spread the interest, I guess Kaitlin or Saul here already talked to you about it?”

“Sure did, and I’m game doll.”


We had hired a caterer to prepare a meal for the ten competitors that were going to be living in the house for the next couple months, and the caterer called out just then to announce that food was ready.

The new alliance took the chance to sit together while they could, while it wouldn’t be suspicious this early in the game.

No one was suspicious, as everyone was enjoying their own conversations. Though Brenda rolled her eyes anytime that Tate spoke.

Brenda started cleaning up everyone’s dishes and threw flirting eyes at Saul hoping to catch his attention. Sadly he wasn’t looking and didn’t see what she was doing.

Clay quickly went back to the basketball court after they finished eating so that their new alliance wouldn’t raise suspicions.

Brenda, Gracelyn, and Kaylee decided to cook together to bond a little more.

After the cooking session, as the staff started to set up for the nights first head of household competition, Gracelyn, Kaylee and Brenda headed back outside for even more practice on the basketball court passing Kaitlin as she headed inside having filled up on dinner and dessert.

Brenda sighed when Tate joined them, which turned into a sigh of relief as we called everyone to take seats for the first competition. We explained the rules quickly. The head of the household will have control over who gets put on the chopping block, and the first competition will be based on trivia knowledge.

One on one, starting with two random contestants against each other. Whoever is fastest to reply with a correct answer will stay to compete against the next randomly selected contestant. This will continue until everyone has had at least one turn. If there is not a clear winner we will move to a second round.

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