Murkland: Hot Springs Date

Hey whoever is reading this in the future. My name is Rusty Sprocket. Just incase you don’t know, here in Murkland we have these hot springs that are open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Today was Friday.  Last night I went out to the remains of a nightclub called CDC. It’s there that I made many new friends, and found out that some of them might have crushes on me.

We all agreed to meet up at the Hot Springs to get clean because it is such a rare thing here in Murkland. Getting the grime of the leftover toxins that travel in the air and through the dirt and sand in this desert, removed is a wonderful feeling. I guess I should have expected to still feel really worried about what would happen when we all met up. Gash jumped in with me first.

But I could feel the stares behind me. You know that tickling sensation on the back of your neck when you’re being watched? Yeah, that’s what I felt.

I couldn’t stand that feeling for to long so I got out and danced to the radio. I’ve introduced Wolf and Lucas before in journals(which you’ve hopefully been able to read and they haven’t been destroyed), but the one in black is Rain and Storm Vardo. I think he’s Wolf’s brother or something. They live together anyways.

Really I’m doing my best to ignore the looks and distract myself. We’re here to just have a good day. Lucas, my infected friend brought his other plot mate Lyndon with him to the Hot Springs party we had set up at the CDC last night. I’ve met him briefly before. He’s okay. I don’t know any of the infected very well, they mostly keep to themselves because so many people are scared of them.

I’d say I’m not, but the nervousness is there. I don’t want to get infected. But the more I know them, the more comfortable I’m getting being around them.

It did remind me that I needed to finish cleaning up though, so after a quick snack from the MMCo cooler, (Murkland Mercantile Company) I got back in the hot springs and cleaned up.

When I got out Gash got up and gave me a hug. I think he’d been waiting for me to finish everything I was doing. More of our friends arrived at the picnic table to get their own snacks and to keep chatting to keep the party going. Jeep wasn’t able to make it, but she’d told Lavander about it, so she’d met us here; Autumn the Freegen, one of my neighbors I met when I first moved in had tagged along with me when she heard where I was heading for the day.

Of course, as the day wore on, it meant that more and more people were arriving for their own time at the hot springs, even if they didn’t know we had set up a party here. Betsy Turbo Pumpkin arrived and joined us in our dancing.

She and Wolf joined me when I went to get another small meal from the MMCo Cooler. It was nice to have some food without rummaging through a trash can. I didn’t often grab anything from the coolers because I had other ways of finding food, and I wanted to keep whatever I could available to me.

Of course, it was nice to have that back up plan of the cooler, just in case something crazy happened and I can’t find food some day.

Before I knew it Lavender had joined us and we were all laughing over terrible jokes as we ate our meals. We couldn’t stay like that for too long. As I mentioned earlier, the hot springs are not open for very long, so we needed to make the most out of the day.

Lavender and I decided to head for one of the hot springs together so we could soak off the germs and continue our conversation. She had something slightly different in mind to talk about than the jokes we’d been tossing back and forth. “I heard that Gash likes you. Jeep told me. How do you feel about him? Are you really going to date a mad mudder?”

I sighed. It figured that the conversation would eventually come to the surface. I explained to her that I wasn’t looking to date anyone right now, and that I hadn’t realized he liked me. I didn’t want to hurt him though, so I wasn’t bringing it up to him once it was pointed out that he liked me.

I asked her politely if we could just not talk about relationships. Lavender seemed cool to drop the subject. I guess she just didn’t like the idea of me dating a mad mudder for some reason. There’s nothing wrong with Gash though…

I had to have a treat after that conversation though. Stressful as it was. So I got something that I rarely get out of the coolers because I don’t feel that it is necessary. Soda.

It is a rare treat for me. The bubbles that sit in my mouth making it tingle all the way through my nose is delightful and ridiculous and annoying all at the same time. I love it. It makes me happy.

It also usually sends a shiver down my spine. Does soda do that to you reader? Do they even still have soda in the future when you’re reading this? Anyways I sat down and chatted with some of the others for a while as I enjoyed my soda.

Moon was still refusing to put his shirt back on, which hey his argument that i am still in my swimsuit is valid, but it’s not as easy to get changed from a swimsuit like this compared to just sticking a shirt on like he can to look dressed. We had some laughs over the differences between men and woman’s swimwear while we enjoyed the crickets chirping as night fell.

My heart thumps again as he gives me that look that Gash gave me the other night. It makes my mind feel like mush, but I also don’t want to date anyone. And Gash was sitting right there. Gah! This is so difficult! Why is it so hard to just tell them I’m not interested.

Oh gosh… am I actually interested?! Oh goodness no! I don’t want to get involved with anyone right now. I don’t want to start getting crushes. I need to focus on my survival. This is a harsh world. I have to make some harsh decisions.

I will just ignore his looks and not go all mushy.

The rest of the night started to feel really awkward as I tried to juggle conversations with both Moon and Gash as everything people have been saying to me about dating ran through the back of my mind. They haven’t exactly said anything though, so there is no reason to shoot them down before they even ask. Right?

With my head swirling with confusion, and my heart heavy with emotions I couldn’t understand yet I decided to climb back into the hot springs one last time before I had to head back to my plot and get some much-needed rest. Lucas joined me to chat. I’m glad he hasn’t been getting crazy with the looks. It’s nice to have a friend not be looking at me and making the other people I know ask if we’re dating.

Yes, I’m really glad that Lucas and I can just sit and talk.

But… it’s getting really late..

I’m getting really tired. Goodnight world of the future. This has been Rusty Sprocket with another journal entry trying to explain how we in Murkland are surviving. I don’t want us to be forgotten by history. We don’t need a world like this to happen again. Once we are able to save the world and clean it back up, we should really keep it that way.


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