ISBI 3.16: The final excavation

Austin: Oh hey there.

*moves the camera around to look to see who he’s talking to.* Huh? There’s no one here.

Austin: *laughs and turns back to the dollhouse.*

Austin: You know Dad. I’m getting smarter, so I don’t think you’re going to win.

Antwan: You’re probably right. I don’t think I’ve ever played chess before.  It feels weird that It’s almost your fifteenth birthday.

Austin: Yeah, you’re getting really old Dad. *grins*  Check.

Antwan: How does it feel that your fifteenth birthday is coming up?

Anna: *bounces doll around while thinking*  I guess it’s kinda cool.

Paolo is inside doing chores… naked of course.

Paolo: There is nothing on tv today. You kids want to watch another episode of Fox Fever’s adventures that we have recorded?

Austin: Uh… yeah sure. Could you get dressed first?

Paolo: *chuckles* Yeah sure. Get it set up and grab your siblings.

Antwan: This would make a great play. *mumbles other incoherent things in his sleep* 

Anna: What were you dreaming about Dad?

Antwan: I have no idea.

Vincent: I need a shower before we get started.

Antwan: I’m good. You go shower. *yawns* 

Fox Fever: I want to make sure  Antwan and Misty get a chance to excavate something today. Everyone else was able to yesterday. Tonight, we’ll check out our findings.

Anna: Oh you got to dig something else up?

Antwan: Yeah, but I let Mr. Fox keep it so that he could study it further.

Austin: I’m glad you kept the skull. It’s really cool!

Antwan: Yeah, I thought you would love it.

Fox Fever: We get to the Trailhead. Vincent mentions he is thinking of his family back home. He misses them. Some of the others agree. I remind them we all go home tomorrow.

Antwan: I miss my husband and kids too. 

Misty: You’ll see them again soon.

Antwan: And I did!!! *snuggles Paolo happily*

Antwan: Grow tree. Grow!! I want to take an avocado home with me!

Vincent: I don’t think that’s how it works Antwan.

Antwan: They’re imbued with mermaid magic, they should be able to grow faster if I tell them to.

Vincent: *chuckles* Show it your muscles, maybe that will work.

Fox Fever: Antwan is still at the avocado tree. I decided to get the dig site set up before calling him and Misty over.

Antwan: Oh my gosh, guys look, that’s the mask that I found!

Ace: Why do you have to spoil things. We’re watching it Dad.

Paolo: What are you talking about? Fox is just digging in the dirt.

Ambrosia: Oh we can see the speech and thought bubbles.

Austin: That blurry white above his head?

Antwan: You can see it!?

Austin: There’s something blurry there, yeah. Doesn’t look like anything solid though.

Antwan: Awwww! You’re going to be hearing the creator soon too! yay!

Austin: How is that a yay?

Ambrosia: Yeah, she can get really annoying.


Ace: She has been awfully quiet lately though and has just been watching us like a creeper.


Fox Fever: I call Antwan and Misty over and we begin the digging process around ten thirtyish. Hopefully we can get this done by lunchtime.

Vincent: There’s room. Can’t I help?

Antwan: That’s so sweet of you. But it’s just Misty and I today. Mr. Fox said so.

Vincent: Come on, let me dig too.

Antwan: I wonder if I can find another skull.

Misty: And a hat to go with it. 

Fox Fever: *sighs* Sorry Vincent this dig site is just for Misty and Antwan, they didn’t get to dig anything yesterday.

Austin: It’s a shame you couldn’t let him. You and him seem to be pretty good friends.

Antwan: Oh yeah. Vincent was cool, he’s a boxer and he’s been an actor on some show before! I think you kids would have liked him.

Antwan: Look there’s the clump of dirt I found!! It was huge!

Anna: Dad! Let us watch. Geez.

Antwan: I feel bad that you couldn’t dig with us, can I help you pack up tomorrow for our trip home?

Antwan: Oh man… we should have a barbaque some time. Burgers are delicious when they’re cooked outside.

Austin: They can’t be much different that burgers cooked on the stove.

Antwan:You have no idea. They’re amazing!

Antwan: Just look how delicious they are!! Mr. Fox makes good burgers.

Fox Fever: I wanted to make time on the workbench and try to authenticate anything that my expedition team had discovered these past few days.

Anna: Oh! *starts jotting down all the new discoveries* Make sure this episode doesn’t get deleted please. This will work great as a follow up on my last big report!

Antwan: See, just look at the size of my dirt clump! It’s beautiful.

Austin: … What are you doing?

Antwan: I’m telling the pot a story. Though I think Mr. Fox thought i was doing some kind of voodoo.

Ambrosia: Well it does kind of look like you are.

Austin: Yeah… i can see why you chose not to bring that home. It’s nowhere near as cool as the skull.

Paolo: I can’t believe there is only one episode left. But I’m glad it’s not longer because we got you back. *snuggles Antwan*

Austin: Uggh. Get a room guys.

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