BWC: Finding a soulmate

“Hey Shaurya, thanks for coming over.” I started, feeling very self-conscious. “Listen, I need to talk to you about something, will you sit on the bed with me?”

“Sure, what’s going on?”

We moved to the bed to talk and I took a deep breath to tell him what was going on. How I was terrified of the night now because of my stalker. How I didn’t want to be alone anymore.

“And, I was wondering if you were interested in becoming maybe more than a friend.”

“No Eighmey. I like you. But only as a friend.” I’m sure he could see the disappointment on my face. “Don’t get me wrong, we can stay friends. I understand that you are a male even though you dress like a woman, and I just don’t swing that way. I’m sorry. If you want I can still come over some nights when you’re feeling scared. But I’m just not interested in becoming more than friends.”

I nodded, even though I was disappointed. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. “Thank you for hearing me out at least.”

We talked for another hour or so and then I hugged him goodbye. I needed to find someone to be with, and the hours in a day before sunset were only so many. If I wanted to find someone to help me with my problem and to live with for the rest of my life I was running out of time.

I picked up the phone and called Marina, crossing my fingers that I would have better luck with her.

She greeted me with a warm hug and I started to explain my situation right away.

“So let me get this straight. You want someone to move in with you to protect you at night because you’re scared? And the person you’re most interested in is me?”

I nodded, feeling nervous after Shaurya’s complete shut down of the idea.

“Let me just see one thing first.”

What she did next, I hadn’t expected. She held her fingers up to the side of her head and suddenly it felt like I had fingers poking around in my brain. Then she broke into a huge smile. “You’ve already been dreaming about my people! So you won’t be scared that I’m an extraterrestrial!” She glowed with a beautiful smile as she looked at me. “I’d be happy to move in with you and explore a relationship!”

I couldn’t believe my luck. The second try and I had found someone willing to explore love with me. We hugged, both overjoyed with the situation for our own reasons. I shyly spoke up as we broke our embrace. “You’ll have to explain to me more about being extraterrestrial though. I’m afraid I don’t know that much.”

She just laughed, and I found I enjoyed listening to that laughter.

As we spoke I watched Aimee greeting people that were on the walking paths, raising their interest in the park that she and I had been building. It was a new feeling sitting there talking to someone that was unofficially my girlfriend. But as I look back now, I could tell why we clicked so well. I realize now that we had been interested in each other for days now, I just hadn’t realized it.

She was the interesting kind bouncer who had lifted my spirits when I was feeling down at the clubs when Shaurya hadn’t paid any attention to me. She was there again when Shaurya shut me down when I asked if he wanted to be something more.

We both enjoyed dancing and creative things in life like art, music, cooking, interior design, and landscaping. We liked making things beautiful. I invited her out on an unofficial first date. We were just going to a park in Oasis Springs to get an idea for my own park that I was building in Willow Creek.

“Shall we go explore?” I asked with a laugh.

“Of course. We need to come up with ideas for our park after all.”

I swirled that thought around in my brain a little bit to get the taste of it. ‘Our Park.’ I liked that thought.

“I haven’t come up with a solid name for it yet. Do you have any ideas?”

“What about ‘Purr Park.’ or something?”

I shook my head. “No, that doesn’t quite fit.”

“Well, I’m all out of ideas for now then. I’m not much of a namer.” She laughed, and I listened to its beautiful sound. I really was falling for her hard right then.

“Well here’s to celebrating us getting together.” I laughed as I pulled out my camera. “Even if we end up using the awful name of Purr Park.”

She grinned brightly. “It really is a terrible name, isn’t it! Cheese!!” The camera flashed and we started our wandering through the park, hand in hand.

I saw a rosebush and plucked one, breaking off the thorns with my thumb. “Thank you for choosing to take this uncertain path with me Marina.”

“A flower already? I daresay we’re going to need to head home soon if things are going to move that fast.” She growled playfully and I blushed.

“How about we start with just a first kiss?” I responded shyly, leaning in to kiss her gently on the lips.

Her face softened from the playful sexy growl into one of sweet love, and I knew I had chosen right when I decided to take a risk. “I think I like that.”

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