BWC: Afraid of the dark

When I got home in the morning, I had a ton of thinking to do. I had a vampiric stalker, and I didn’t know if he was out for my neck, or something else. He made me uncomfortable and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t want to be alone.


Okay maybe at least when the sun is down. But unless I plan to go out and party every single night just to avoid being alone when the sun is down I’m going to need to come up with a better plan.

I sat and ate some lightly sweetened yogurt while I pondered what to do about my predicament. The obvious first step was to build a sturdy home with some nice locks on the doors to keep unwanted visitors at Bay.

But, I’ve been planning to make this a park and not put down any walls that don’t lend a hand to my vision of what I want the park to look like in the end. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

It’s simple Eighmey, I tell myself. Begin with the restrooms and the lobby hall. Your bed is an inflatable mattress you can just move whenever, and that includes inside a restroom lobby.

Problem one solved.

Problem two. . . How do I stop myself from being uncomfortable being alone at night? I’ll have to sleep on that one and see what I come up with, because I am exhausted.

Aimee climbed on my bed and watched me as I drifted off to sleep. She was a true sweetheart. I yawned.

She wanted some attention from being in heat. I yawned again.  A mate for her. Maybe… Maybe that was the answer. A mate. A spouse. A significant other.

I fell asleep than and my thoughts drifted into the land of peace for awhile, but Aimee and I are connected because she is my spirit animal. So my dreams included random images of her as she wandered around our plot and the surrounding land. I’ll never know if they were my mind’s own creation, or if I was actually following her.

She started out close. Playing with the ball we’d been able to get from a kind person who followed her on her simstagram. She was a feisty cat, always playing with that think. She truly adored it.

The images faded in and out in my mind. I was holding someone’s hand as I took a walk through the woods. Then Aimee was playing with her ball again.

I couldn’t hear anything but a strange whir noise than it was Aimee batting at the ball again. twhap twhap twhap, it was relaxing and pushed me back into a deeper sleep away from dreams for a little while.

Then I saw a strange green light and heard the whirring again, it felt like my body was lifting but I was still aware that I was laying underneath my covers. The blanket was still wrapped around me warmly. I must have known this because I was switching to watching Aimee again. She was jumping up on a picnic table.

I’m going to need to teach her to stay off tabletops.

She is always looking so smug when she’s on top of a table. I can’t fault her for picnic tables though, all sorts of critters walk on those. That’s the unspoken acceptance of surfaces that are out in nature, nature’s creatures are going to get on them.

I rolled over trying to get rid of the dreams or visions that were interrupting my sleep. But my mind was far to awake. I had gone to sleep thinking, and my brain had continued on. Aimee was meowing for something, no… Someone. She was still in heat and wanted someone by her side as much as I wanted someone to be there for me through the nights.

The nights!

I woke with a start remembering that I had gone to sleep during the day. If I slept too long the sun would be set already, and besides, I now knew what I needed to do. I needed to find someone to love and to be loved by.

But who was I interested in?

I got up and entertained Aimee as I tried to hold in my panic when I realized the sun was setting. “What do you think girl? Should I find someone to move in with us?”

She just meowed and pounced on the light I was shining on the ground. She wasn’t actually listening, which was fine. It wasn’t like she could actually give me an opinion on the people I’ve met.

As I thought about who might be fun to date, my thoughts wandered to Neelesh. He was fun and kind… But he was a vampire. As much as I liked him as a friend, my fear of being bitten stopped me from having any romantic feelings for him.

Alberto was out of the question, he was too squeamish to live with me here. Sanvi was too clingy for me. But Shaurya… I was attracted to him, and I loved his clothing style. There was also Marina the bouncer that had shown up at both parties I’d attended recently.

I was tempted to call both of them then and there and invite them over to see if we were compatible. I’d only really seen them in large groups. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Most people were sleeping this late in the afternoon. I hugged Aimee close and let her purrs comfort me. I have to be honest with myself, I was scared.

I had slept through the day so I was fully awake, but it was going to be a long night. When the night is suddenly filled with terror it seems to drag on for house longer than it actually exists in time.

Aimee and I continued to play and keep each other company between watering and weeding the plants I was growing.

At one point, I stupidly pulled out a book hoping to calm my nerves. I had to, of course, set it to the side. I don’t have any lights yet and the moon was not bright enough to read by tonight. It’s one thing to be thankful for I guess. If vampires were real than a full moon could mean that werewolves are real and come out and attack too. I’d never thought of myself as superstitious, but things I’d been raised to believe weren’t real were suddenly proving to be quite real.

Finally, I watched Aimee fall asleep on her bed. She’d had a long exhausting day and needed the sleep. I turned my attention to the people walking through the park. Were they all vampires as well?

No. No of course not, I’m just being silly and letting my fear get ahold of me. I’ll call Shaurya and Marina tomorrow. One of them is bound to like me right?

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