Matriarch 2.15: Boston’s News

“I’m going over to your brother, Boston’s house tomorrow. So I need you and Thomas to help your little siblings out while I’m gone okay?”

“Sure mom. Tell Boston I say hi!” Abigail scribbled at her homework. “Do I really have to write this essay?”

“Yes Abigail, the straight As will help you out with life.  A good college will pick you up and you can often get free rides by having good grades so you won’t even get the debt that comes with College.”

“Oh! That makes sense. I’ll make sure to finish this than, but it does seem silly to be writing and essay on ‘What Black Panthers really are.’ we don’t even have any around here.”

“It’s a lesson in how well you can research information sweetheart. That’s the real point of the essay.”

“Oh i get it! Thanks mom! I’ll finish up and than head to bed. Have a good night.”

In the morning Jamie went to Boston’s place in Oasis Springs. Kallie met her at the door looking embarrassed. “I know I yelled at you the other day. I just didn’t like how Boston’s been lately and I was feeling really down so I yelled at you because you were the one to tell him to get the chemo.”

Jamie was confused, Boston had agreed to the chemo years before. “Has the cancer taken a turn for the worse or something? Did the chemo stop working?”

“What are you talking about?” Kallie replied in shock. “He only just started the chemo a couple months ago after he fainted in the kitchen and the cancer took a bad turn. We almost lost him so he decided to get the chemo finally because the blocker stopped working and now he’s just waiting for the day.”

“The blocker? I thought he agreed to chemo years ago.”

“You mean the family hasn’t been avoiding him? He’s been avoiding you?” Kallie felt guilty. She had been thinking her husband’s family didn’t care about him.

“Never! We’ve all been worried about him. Where is my son? I need to see him.”

“He’s in the kitchen… I’m sorry about the misunderstanding.” Jamie clapped her daughter in law on the shoulder, “It’s okay. Family forgives each other, and we’re always here for you.”

Jamie went into the kitchen and was shocked by what she saw.

At first, she thought it was someone else, only seeing him from the back. But she recognized her son’s earrings. He had dropped his leather jacket and gone for classier clothes. His hair was gone, and he had replaced it with a hat.

“Hey mom.” He sounded tired.

“I’m sorry about avoiding everyone. I didn’t want you to know I’ve been lying about the chemo. I tried something else instead. . . even though you had worked so hard to convince me. I felt bad.”

Jamie covered her mouth in shock and let her son speak. “I’ve gotten worse. I’m probably not going to make it much longer. I’m so sorry mom.”

“Have you called Asher? I know you two haven’t been speaking…”

“No… well yeah, I tried. But he yelled at me to not call him and he hung up.”

“Oh no.. dear… I doubt your brother doesn’t want to speak to you. Maybe it was just bad timing. You know how grouchy he can be when he’s tired. You should try again.

“Yeah… that’s true. I’ll try again soon.” Jamie hugged him not being able to hold it in any longer.

“I love you Boston. You take care of yourself and make the most of the time you have left. Promise me that you won’t get stuck in the past. Do you still play your music?”

Boston thought back to the other day when he’d been taking a soak in their hot tub. He was embarrassed about being outside where his bald head could be seen, but as he’d settled down and just enjoyed the hot water things had changed.

He’d jumped out of the tub and grabbed his guitar and played some riffs that had come to him. He suddenly had an idea for a new song and he had just needed to play it. It was why he changed his look. He could still be a music star, he just needed a different stage look.

“Yeah mom. I still play my music.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Keep doing what you love Boston.” They talked for hours until it was time for Jamie to head home and check on the kids, but she left with another parting hug and invited him to come over and see the family the next day. “It will do everyone some good.” She promised.

He nodded and agreed. “I’ll come out to see everyone back home. I want to meet Sean anyways. ”

Ebony saluted her grandmother through the window as she saw her leave. “Thanks grandma, hopefully dad will stop being so grumpy now.” She could already see a bit of a smile back on his face. He’d been feeling so down lately, and it was nice to see her dad smile again.

Zech sat at the kitchen table with his mom after Boston went to bed for the night. “So mom I’m heading out tonight.”

“You have school in the morning. You need to stay home.”

“Oh i’m not asking permission. I’m letting you know that I’ll be out all night.””

Kallie glared at her son, he was never listening to her anymore these days. She clenched her fist on the table next to her bowl and eyed the fangs he’d gained since he’d turned into a teenager. She didn’t like the look of those sharp fangs protruding from his front teeth “Did you finish your homework?”

“Of course. Good night mom, pleasant dreams.” He flashed his fangs again in a wild smile. He rather enjoyed how uncomfortable they made her feel.  Without a second glance back he stood up and walked out of the house. He was off to have a late night adventure now that he found himself not needing to sleep.

“Hey Uncle Eric. Thanks for inviting me out.”

“Now remember, whoever you pick, take them out back where no one will know what you’re up to.”

“Yup, got it.”

They started dancing while they waited for more people to arrive.

The party started getting more lively and Zech looked around to see who he would target. There were so many people here that didn’t know who he was. Who should he pick? One girl with light blond hair caught his attention and he approached her. “Hey, my name is Zech.”

“Ugggh, a teenager.” The woman mumbled under her breath, but she plastered a smile on her face. “My name is Candy, nice to meet you.”

He knew she hadn’t intended him to hear the first part, but his sense of hearing was acute thanks to his skills as a vampire. He kept his fangs hidden while he talked to her, “This is my first dance party, would you mind keeping me some company outside, I need some fresh air because i’m a little overwhelmed in here.”

“Yeah, sure whatever.” She followed him outside.

“It’s much calmer out here isn’t it? The stars are shining and you can really enjoy the night.”

Candy rolled her eyes at him. The boy had no fashion sense and didn’t understand what a dance party was. She couldn’t hold in her disbelief of the kid any longer.

“Listen, kid, I don’t know why you came to a dance party if you just wanted to look at stars. You should just go home to your parents.” She stared in confusion as the smile didn’t leave his face. Than he smiled wider and his lower lip moved away from his teeth revealing his long fangs. “What!”

Before she could run he raised his hands and a mist came out of them. She found she couldn’t move any part of her body. She watched in horror as he took her by the shoulders and leaned in to her neck.

Internally she screamed as he bit painfully into her neck, but she found that she couldn’t move. She couldn’t make a single noise. She had to just sit and wait it out as he fed on her neck. Drinking the glorious life juice that ran through her veins. The puncture wound in her neck stung like she’d been splashed with acid. Maybe she shouldn’t have been so rude to him after all.

Zech floated above her after getting refreshed. He concentrated on her memories and twisted them to forget what he had just done. Instead, he put memories of her dancing with him like she was in love with him.

He grinned mischievously as his feet touched back to the earth. She would have no idea what she had done in the morning, and it pleased him immensely. Now that he was feeling full of energy he marched back inside, time to dance.

The crowd watched as he mesmerized them with his arms. No one could look away from his amazing moves. It was quite enjoyable.

The DJ ended the songs, announcing another DJ would be in soon, but her shift was over. They could grab some drinks that were only 3$ until the next shift started, or they could go home. She thanked everyone for coming and celebrating. Zech glanced around the room and took it all in, this had been a successful night out. There were plenty of people here that he could get to know and drink from if he ever needed another snack.

It was in looking around that he realized one female was watching him with a wide smile. He smiled back. This felt … different.

“Tri-lamp! You won’t believe this, but my mom came over to visit, and she’s invited me over and isn’t even mad at me for lying to her! I didn’t expect that at all.”

Boston was feeling super nervous. Would his siblings forgive him just as easily?

Why did he even care? They were years apart! He was getting to be an old man, and his youngest brother was a newborn!

He packed a bag of clothes to change into, and some water, than some snacks just incase he got weak; and finally finished his bag with some medicine he would need to take at dinner. He didn’t know long he would be out.

Than Boston went for a jog. He would run to his moms house and make himself feel better about himself. He’d been feeling so down lately, and the run would help him clear his head to get in the right mindset to see his family. They were there to support him. He didn’t need to hide.

He arrived at his mom’s and changed into his clean clothes after a quick shower. Micah was staring at him. “Hey Micah. I’m your big brother.”

“Yous old doh mister!” Micah looked at him confused.

“That’s why I’m your big brother.” He said with a laugh. “Do you know that you’re a cutie?”

Miach grinned than. “Yay!” She giggled before turning and walking up onto the porch.

Jamie waved at Boston. “Did she try to go for a walk again? I have to keep a close eye on her all the time, she loves trying to get out.”

“Yeah she was.” He replied turning back to the porch.  Julianna was talking with Thomas. Boston almost didn’t recognize him now that he was getting all grown up. He followed his littlest sister and his mom inside leaving Julianna and Thomas to their fun.

“You hungry hunny?” Jamie asked Boston, heading for the kitchen. I just made some breakfast quiche that I think you would love.

“Yeah I could go for something to eat.”

“I’m never going to be able to eat all the foods in the world that I want to now!” He suddenly realized as he bit into the delicious food that his mother had made. Than he sighed and tried to reign in his temper. It wasn’t fair to get mad about what he may never have. He needed to appreciate what he did have.

The best way to do that was to go meet his new little brother Sean. The baby squirmed and looked at him with huge eyes. Sean had never seen a blue speckle faced person before. He cooed at his older brother, not knowing it was his brother, not caring. Just being delighted by the new person.

Feeling better he went into the toddler room and grabbed a book off the shelf. “Come here Miach. Why don’t we read a book?”

He read “Springtime Bird.” to his little sister and she happily listened. She loved her older brother already. He was funny, and he smelled like raspberries. It didn’t matter what book he was reading, she just found that she enjoyed listening to him read to her.

Than when he finished the book she started to leave to go play with Julianna who had left the room.

They were going to play kitty stairs. But when her big brother picked up the guitar by the tv, Micah changed her mind and went back to the couch.

He made pretty music. Her big brother should come over more often! Even if he was really old.

“Why no one else paint on their face like big brother Boston?” She asked Thomas as they listend to Boston play music, filling the house with its lovely sounds.

“I don’t know Micah. I guess we’re just a bit more conservative in what we like to wear on our faces. Boston has always had his own style.”

“Well I like it! We should all paint our faces!”

Soon enough it was time for them to leave again. He jogged back home and passed his daughter on the front walk before falling asleep immediately, exhausted from his long traveling that day.



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