ISBI 3.7: Fox Fever goes live

Ace sat at the kitchen sink trying to repair the sink. Now that he was a teenager Antwan had accepted the acceptance letter from Fox Fever.

Ace: Yeah and it’s really worrisome.

I know Ace, but your Dad will make it through I promise.

Ace: How can you promise that. Dad is such a klutz and he’s just not going to do well in the jungle. I can’t believe he’s gone and left like this.

Well, you have to give him credit for waiting long enough for you kids to be able to take care of yourselves. You and Ambrosia can take care of your little siblings when Paolo is at work, and Antonio is now a child and is getting better at everything. Well…. the communication that he struggled with, he was already pretty good at everything else.

Ace: But you promise he’s going to come back fine.

Yes, I promise jeez. Just… Go check the tv or something. It airs today, doesn’t it?

Ace: Oh my god you’re right! I think it does! *Screams through the house* GUYS FINISH WHAT YOU’RE DOING. DAD SHOULD BE ON THE TV SOON.

*rubs ears* jeez Ace. I didn’t know you could be so loud.


Anna: *plops next to Ambrosia* Is he on yet?

Ambrosia: Not quite.

Anna: I’ve got to finish my homework after this episode, will you help me with it?

Ambrosia: Yeah sure.

Ace and Austin: * plop on the window couch*

Antonio: *wrestling with Bubbles on the floor*

Paolo: You kids want popcorn while we watch.

Everyone in unison: Yeah!

Paolo: Perfect, I’ll grab a bowl, make sure to leave me space somewhere!

Ambrosia: I’ll sit on the floor and you can have my seat, Uncle Paolo.

Paolo: *kisses her forehead* Thanks, Ambrosia. Be right back.

Fox Fever: So Antwan, tell me a little bit more about yourself.

Antwan: Well Fox, what do you want to know about? I can’t really remember what I talked about in my application it was so many months ago. I could talk about my family. I have two daughters and three sons, an ex-wife, and an amazing husband. Though does that really count as being about me? I mean they are my life. My husband and I like to work out together and our dog Bubbles likes to sit and be our cheerleader. 

Bubbles: *barks at the tv*

Antonio: Shush bubbles. Daddy’s on tv!

Fox Fever: *reply getting drowned out by Bubbles barking*  – cute.

Antwan: Yeah she’s our personal cheerleader. We got her for my eldest daughter Ambrosia for her fifteenth birthday. 

Fox Fever: You certainly seem like a people person. 

Antwan: Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m a people person.

Austin:*facepalms* He wasn’t calling you an alien dad! He was saying you’re outgoing! Geez.

Everyone else: Shhhhh!

Antonio: Cheese!!! *turns to look at Paolo* Pretzel dad. Why is blue daddy eating hot cheese sandwiches? He usually makes fancy things.

Paolo: Shhh Antonio. Listen and watch. but maybe he didn’t cook. And grilled cheese is something fast and still gets the protein in the cheese that everyone needs before they go out into the jungle.

Ambrosia: *leans over and whispers* Good job Tony you’re getting better with your words. *silent high fives him*

Antonio: *giggles and turns back to the tv*

Rickie: Grilled Cheese is like the garbage of food. Everyone says they hate it but they secretly have a ton of it. 

Austin: Man… Dad looks really confused.

Anna: It’s probably too much for him to handle.

Paolo: I don’t like the way that he’s looking at that Rickie guy.

Ambrosia: Daddy would never leave you, Uncle Paolo. Don’t worry.

Paolo: Or how that girl Mindy or Mandy. whatever her name was is looking at him.

Anna: Uncle Paolo, stop being jealous. You just miss Father. Not everyone is just going to hit on him, and he’s not just going to hit on anyone.

Paolo: Yeah… I guess that’s true. Thanks, Anna.

Fox Fever: Everyone was up and at ’em by seven o’clock. I had them all meet outside my front door when they were ready to go. Some were smiling, some weren’t. I think it is finally sinking in what we are about to do.

Antonio: *giggles* Dad! The camera isn’t in da wall!

Ambrosia: Antonio, remember what the teacher said. use your T’s. The.

Antonio: The, the, the. okays I got it now! I forgot. I’m sorry.

Ambrosia: Good boy *ruffles his hair*

Antwan: Are you ready for this day?

Austin: *hides face embarrassed* Oh no. He’s talking to a bush on tv… What is everyone at school going to think!

Paolo: That it’s awesome that your dad is on tv. And they’ll probably think that he’s talking to… what was his name again. Rickie?

Austin: Yeah. I guess that’s true… okay cool. Thanks, Uncle Paolo.

Anna: It looks like they’re about to head out to the jungles now. Do you think Father will be home soon now that the show is airing? There is no way that it’s live completely. I’m sure they’ve edited so much.

Ace: I think they keep them in a local hotel until the very end of the adventure, even if they decide they can’t finish.

Anna: But.. still this would have been days ago right?


Ambrosia: Uncle Paolo calm down!

Paolo: No! where is this man! I’m going to find him and I’m going to.. to… I don’t know… poke him or something. Stop catching my husbands attention. I’ve waited so many years to be with him. He’s mine darn it!!!

Paolo: *jumps off couch over Ambrosia*

Ambrosia: *jumps up and pushes Paolo back onto the couch.* Daddy will never break your heart unless you push him away. Nothing is going to happen. Calm down, Uncle Paolo.

Anna: They’re just talking and meeting the people they have to hang out with for the next week. Nothing bad is going on okay.

Paolo: *is forced back down fuming*

Austin: Maybe you should go to bed Dad?

Paolo: No. I’m going to watch this through.

Austin: You’re getting way to jealous over a silly tv show though.

Antwan: Hey that looks like a lot of fun! We should all go read something to! Maybe they have something about the evil curses in the area!

Rickie: Evil curses? What kind of evil curses. 

Adrian: Psssh, yeah right. 

Vincent: There are evil curses? I don’t think that kind of magic thing is real. 

Paolo: *practically screaming at the tv now* How can you say that he’s not into Rickie! He’s practically following him around and every time the camera passes over them my blue muscle man is looking at him with those bedroom eyes that I adore!

Ace: Uhhh… Uncle Paolo. Dad gives those eyes to everyone. I’m pretty sure his face is just stuck like that.

Paolo: *hyperventilating*

Ambrosia: It’s okay Uncle Paolo. It’s fine!

Paolo: He’s walking to join Rickie on the bed to read. How is that fine?

Ambrosia: All of the sitting places are taken, and a bed is more comfortable than the floor of course. Gosh, Dad calm down.

Fox Fever: I gathered everyone up and took them to the Puerto Llamante Marketplace. I wanted us to gear up for the trip before we leave. One of the merchants calls us over to his table. Well, the only merchant.

Austin: Shhhhh guys, I can barely hear the tv over your bickering. I want to make sure that Dad’s all right!

Antonio: Look at da market! Is super pretty.

Anna: The and It’s Antonio. come on you’ve got this.

Antonio: The… is. iths.

Anna: That’s closer. We’ll practice those after the show okay.

Antonio: Okay!

Paolo: Wh-!!!

Ambrosia: *jumps up and sits on Paolo and covers his mouth with her hand* Before you even start. It’s the camera angle. They are not holding hands.

Ace: I think maybe you should go work off some steam on the treadmill.

Bubbles: *barks at work treadmill and runs around in an excited circle*

Vincent: You’ve got some pretty solid muscles, do you work out?

Antwan: Yeah all the time! I’ve got my own home gym that my husband and I both work out on. 

Vincent: Is this your usual work out clothes?

Antwan: Actually this is just my favorite shirt. I’ve got seven different ones so that I can wear it every day and not be stinky. 

Vincent: Why not just get a different tube top in a different color. Why the same one every single time?

Ambrosia: See. Camera angle. They’re just talking about working out. Daddy is making friends.

Paolo: *still yelling from behind Ambrosia’s hand*

Kids: *roll eyes and turn back to the tv*

Fox Fever: I must have faith in this group, though. And we must begin our adventure into the jungle.

Anna: That’s all they’re showing us for the first episode? Oh, this is so stressful.

Ace: So far all we know they’re okay, but they’re about to head into the jungle in the next part. This first episode was just a get to know everyone, watch them party it up at Fox Fever’s mansion, and get to see the town that they’re in. Okay…

Austin: I’m so nervous about Dad actually going into the jungle. This is not going to go well.

Ambrosia: *cautiously removes her hand and gets off Paolo where she was pinning him from jumping around dangerously.* Daddy will be able to do it… We’ve just got to have faith in him and cheer him on from home.

Anna: Okay, well I’m off to do my homework now that the show is over. When does the next one air?

Austin: Pretty sure it’s tomorrow, same time.

Anna: Uncle Paolo, are you going to make more popcorn for that one?

Paolo: *takes a deep breath* Yes, I can do that. I’m going out to the treadmill for now. I need to run off some steam.


A/N: This part of the story has screenshots from Fox Fever’s Jungle Ruin Expedition One, parts One: Fox Meets HiS Team and Two: Preparing for An Adventure. They include the author,LegacySims2017‘s  character Fox Fever (whose lines I took right from Jungle Ruin, ) ChamandGirlie‘s character Rickie Rockett,  Bugsie2016‘s Vincent Burton from the Burton Legacy , Munterbacon‘s Mindy-Anna Jones, AdamsEve1231 ‘s Misty Shipwell, Simscognito‘s Adrian O’Donnell from Friends of FoesSuperkyle221′s Marguerite Wilson from The Keen Legacy

I will be using comments from the thread to kind of piece together interactions when I’m getting parts for this out, as well as contacting the authors of the characters directly if they want me to wing it or if they would like to help write. ^-^



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