101D: The Horners

Cruella gave a giant speech where she handed her babies over to the Horners in thanks for bringing Perdita back. They Horners had just moved to Brindleton Bay, and they were heroes for saving Perdita from being lost while in labor.

Little Katy didn’t event miss them when she had her sippy cup.

Cruella was wrong to call them weird though.

They’re just suffering from I don’t understand MCC so I can’t actually do the challenge I want to try by Hollie BB, so they will be my 1890s -1900s generation. Well I mean, plus I don’t really do CC that often.

And I’m particularly proud of her swimsuit that I made. SO only slightly showing off… Yup. >.<

So I designed their house to be super adorable and made of wood and everything, and they’ve got a gorgeous garden, and they only use candles. And I played them for awhile. And. and.. and..

Well. I kinda forgot the dice rolls when she got pregnant. T.T And so I’ll have to save that for the next time they want to woohoo because I always have to click the try fro baby option because no risky woohoo in that save file.

Meet Truman.

Independent, Smart, Friendly. And terrified of the stove.

He was adopted already by the Horner’s when they were kindly offered Brook and Bella. As much as the loved having that many dogs around, they kindly passed Brook on to a Lilo Pelekai in the city when it was clear that they couldn’t have that many dogs when they were delightfully about to have their own children.

Lilo was happy to have her own dog in the city, and it helped Cruella’s plans for San Myshuno, so in the end the passed on adoption papers worked out perfectly.

It was a cozy little home that was slowly growing and filling with life in both two legged, and four legged. Soon enough, there were two children.

Arvin, and Alexandria.

Than there were two puppies.

Monster who was independent and friendly.

He quickly learned not to drink from puddles, wake sims up, or even bark at them. And he aged up, but he didn’t get much bigger.

And Burger who was also independent and friendly.

But really, he grew up into an adorable dog bigger than his father. He should have been the one named monster.

Someone did come by to greet all the dogs. She’d heard about the Horners Heroism and wanted to see the animals first hand.


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