Intermission: Ambrosia’s Interview

I was tagged by socallucyfan to do this wonderful interview again. So we’re back with Ambrosia talking a little bit about herself. Antwan was nice enough to write out the questions for her as I read them out to him. He isn’t however happy about his daughter being interviewed about her love life because he would rather wait until she was 18 and a legal adult. His baby girl can’t be thinking about love now, but his grumbling aside I finally got him to do it.

The Rules:

  1. Pick a character you’ve created.
  2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that character.
  3. Tag at least four people to do this meme.

Ambrosia: Oh I’m so excited! Daddy said this homework assignment came from the voice lady that talks to him all the time! I’m so thrilled you want to know more about me!

  • What is your name? ​My name is Ambrosia May Idiot.
  • Do you know why you were named that? ​Daddy says that someone who talks the voice lady suggested the name, and so she suggested to him and he liked it because it is a really tasty drink of the gods. He figured that if I had a god name I could help him beat the merfolks.
  • Single or taken? ​I’m single of course. The boys at school are way to dumb to date, and I’m only 13 so I’ve got time to find someone still.
  • Stop being a Mary Sue! ​You think I’m perfect?! That is so sweet of you to say!
  • What’s your eye color?​ Brown, just like Daddys.
  • How about hair color? I have naturally curly black hair. Kind of like Rose Red does!

  • Have you any family members? ​I have Daddy and Uncle Paolo his boyfriend. Than there is Mommy, though she moved out to live with Aunt Yuki. Aunt Yuki is pregnant and I’m going to have a little cousin soon. I bet they’re going to be just as cute as little Tonio. That’s my baby brother. He’s about to turn three and I’m glad he’s going to stop being quite so stinky. There’s also my brother Ace, and the twins Austin and Anna. If Uncle Paolo marries daddy, which I think they will, I’ll also have three other siblings that stay with his ex wife what’s her face. I’ve seen pictures of them. Michael, Rodney, and Iris. They’re adorable. Maybe we can invite them over some time!
  • Oh, how about pets? ​Not yet, but Daddy says I can finally get a puppy! I’m trying to decide if I want to save one or buy one. Though all the cute puppies that have been abandoned are usually claimed really fast. I may beg daddy to buy me a puppy just because I want to raise it from adorable tinyness to full grown.
  • That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like? I don’t like being ignored.
  • Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?​ I love watching the voidcritters show and playing outside.
  • Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? I unintentionally was hated by my siblings for being mommys favorite. I’m working on making it up to them though.
  • Ever… killed anyone before?​ No! My gosh, why would you ask that!
  • What kind of animal are you? I’m not an animal? Oh wait yeah I am, humanus or something like that. Is this partially a biology quiz to make sure I’ve been doing my homework. Biology is my worst class. I think daddy snuck this question in.
  • Name your worst weaknesses. ​I’m really bad with chopsticks.
  • Do you look up to anyone at all? ​Uncle Paolo is amazing. ❤
  • Are you straight, gay or bisexual? ​ Uh…
  • Do you go to school?​ Yes I do.
  • Ever want to marry and have kids one day? Of course! Marriage is so romantic don’t you think.
  • Do you have fangirls/fanboys? Who wouldn’t want to be a fan of me. Though I don’t have anyone running up to me for signatures yet. I will one day, I’m sure.
  • What are you most afraid of? ​I don’t want to answer that.
  • What do you usually wear? ​Anything yellow, white, and sky blue! It has to be sunny and cheerful like me!
  • What’s one food that tempts you? ​That’s a good question. I guess I just haven’t found my favorite food yet. Daddy does make really good meals though, and its all usually delicious.
  • Am I annoying you? ​Nope. I’m so touched you wanted to interview me!
  • Well, it’s not over! ​Oh good, but I may have to take a break because void critters is almost back on.
  • What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? I guess we’re middle class. We have a house and daddy pays all the bills on time. But we’re not living with any fancy things in life.
  • How many friends do you have? ​My family is all the close friends I need for the moment.
  • What are your thoughts on pie? I’d love some.
  • Favorite drink? ​Water.
  • What’s your favorite place? ​Behind the house.
  • Are you interested in anyone? ​No. I already answered that.
  • That was a stupid question. Yeah it kind of was. But this one is dumber.
  • Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? ​Lake probably. I think it would be safer because there’s no under toe.
  • What’s your type?​ Someone who can get on my level.
  • Any fetishes? ​What are those?
  • Camping or indoors? ​Camping of course! I love the outdoors!!

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