101D: Lazy update :D

Relations with SanMyshuno are going well. I’m well on my way to controlling Brindleton Bay. Pongo and Perdita have been having puppies.

Yes my call for help to the public worked and Perdita was returned to me fast by a couple who found her hiding in the woods near their house. Thankfully she hadn’t gone far. The Horners live near by and moved into a really private section of the woods. They were able to bring her back home just before she gave birth to little Bacon.

There is just one problem. He’s a little shit. ┬áHe’s independent and doesn’t listen to a thing I say. He gets into everything (sleuth) and bark and barks and barks. He rough houses to much with the others. Pongo going crazy that day, and Perdita running away affected his brain apparently. I can’t wait to get rid of him.

Which is also my new scheme. Letting Miss Denton adopt Ami, Alric, and Asparagus really got me some nice votes. People loved that I was giving out money and my puppies to help with someones dream. I decided to use that again with the rest of the puppies.

Victor bought Brook a cute little scarf when she aged up.

She likes Victor more than me.

But I don’t feel bad that I’m separating them from each other. It will get us both more votes because of how much Brook loves him, and we’re sending her and Bella to the Horners in a big public thank you for them finding and saving Perdita.

Look how unhappy Bella is that she’s getting sent to a new home. Isn’t it wonderful?

She’s going to get me so many votes and she’s going to a nice happy home that will take care of her. Honestly the Horners are really weird. It’s like they’re stuck in the 1800s or something. They don’t even have lights, they only use candles. Such weirdos.

Here’s some photos of Bacon and another litter of puppies Perdita had. Cairo and Charlie.

I don’t miss my ex-wife in the slightest. Cruella has given me what I secretly wanted all along. It’s why I strayed so often, but Cruella is different. She’s cruel and beautiful and wants to take over the world in any way possible just like I do.

She also got me a child. I’ve always wanted a child, but Lily never did. She didn’t want to take even a tiny amount off work to have a family. But Cruella agreed with me that we would look better to the press with a family.

I’m pleased that the dogs are getting along well with my little girl. She likes to mimic them and licks her hand and rubs her face. It’s disgustingly cute. Taking her and the dogs out to public speeches with us when she mimics them has been getting us a ton of family sympathy. I’ve seen pictures of Katy going viral of her liking her paw at the same time as the Perdita. it’s adorable.

This has to be my favorite of the viral images though. We took Katy to a museum that had a glass surface you could crawl across with a model city below it. Someone was able to get a camera into the case to take a picture so it looked like she was flying through space. They got in trouble because they put the camera in there, but the picture is so amusing we didn’t press charges.

We took a little time off work because my poor cold hearted queen got sick with zebratitis. I didn’t want her to be seen with it so we spent some time together just playing with Katy.

She’s quite the little monster. She loves pouring flour and chocolate all over the house, and the dogs love cleaning it up. I’m so proud of her.

This last one isn’t part of Victor’s journal. I just had to share it because… xD He picked up Cairo and didn’t set him down when he started eating which turned into this hilarious glitch with Cairo looking at the camera like “HELP ME!”


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