101D: Audra Denton

Diary Entry of Audra Denton, Brindleton Bay resident who travels for work in Oasis Springs. Adopted Asparagus, Ami, and Alric.

Dear Diary,

It’s me again. Audra. I used to write in here quite often, but I let that fall to the wayside while I was in the middle of my move to Brindleton Bay. Than I just didn’t think about you again until I finally unpacked the box that you were tucked into. I didn’t even know I’d been missing you until I saw you. Let me catch you up to date.

As you know from my past entries I was feeling underwhelmed with life in Oasis Springs. It was nice and all, but as a vegetarian it really sucks when you can’t have your own garden to eat nice fresh foods. I had to rely on traveling to get what I wanted.

I love the outdoors, but the summers in Oasis Springs are brutal, and as a young adult just out of college I wasn’t exactly living on the glamorous side of the town. No I was in the super hot dry desert side that couldn’t afford to have water shipped in daily to grow grass on the parched desert sands.

And I love animals. Dogs especially. Do you know how cruel it would be to bring a dog into this brutal environment? Unless you have some crazy good air conditioning and like the animals going inside your house when its to hot for them to go out… well yeah, you get the picture right? I wanted my own dog. So when I saved up enough money I moved into Brindleton Bay.

The houses here have these cute little names, and it’s like being back in Cape Coy, that’s where I grew up. But it’s several states away now and I miss it. Oasis Springs is just about an hour drive inland and is where all the big scientists in the country tend to flock to. Always seems like a scientists dream is to work for S.I.M.S.A right? (Scientists in my space academy) Well i’m one of the lucky ones and I do work for them.

I guess it’s not a super glamorous job like you’d think when you work for the government. But it works out, and I’m rising up in the ranks pretty fast. It’s how I got to finally move out of Oasis Springs into Brindleton Bay.

Which is where I met her.

I’d seen her once in Oasis Springs. She’d come to the gym I work out in and she was screaming through a megaphone at the couple patrons that had left into the boiling heat of summer to try to sweat off some weight. Not that they didn’t need to just walk outside into the air or anything, jeez. Who am I kidding, I was one of them. I enjoy those workout machines because I know it means that its working. I think she’d been yelling about simoleons for everyone or something. Everyone should have access to money. Some weird protest like that. I thought she was nuts and didn’t really pay attention.

Than I met her again at finally got her name. Cruella DeVille. What kind of freaky name is that. But her dogs were the sweetest dalmations ever. I met her and her husband Victor Feng who was one of our states senators. I didn’t know that he lived in Brindleton Bay, that’s pretty cool! They invited me over for a meal and to meet their puppies.

Asparagus, Ami, and Alric are the cutests little puppies ever! I moved to Brindleton Bay to get dogs, and suddenly here were three perfectly adoptable puppies. Only the DeVilles weren’t willing to give them up yet. Or is it the Fengs? I don’t know. They are married aren’t they? Don’t people usually change their last names when they get married?

Ah well, doesn’t matter. I ended up getting a call one day and they said the pups were growing up and they were ready to leave their mother. Not that I hadn’t been hoping for that whenever I knocked on their door for a visit. They didn’t just live in my town, they were my neighbors! How cool is it to have a Senator of your state, and the mayor of your town as your close friends!

So the beautiful pups that were no longer pups moved into my house with me. I set up a nice little fenced in yard for them to come out and play in and do their business ¬†when I had to go to work. I bought some auto food dispensers to so that they would have food when I was gone to. It was wonderful having some gorgeous dogs around to play with. Even after a hard day at work I’d get home and they were right there to greet me.

I must admit that Asparagus quickly became my favorite.

The poor boy needed my attention over the others because he got bit by a squirrel on one of his adventures and got sick. He didn’t like the cone that I had to get him, I’m still building my funds up again after the move.

So when he got better, I made sure to play fetch with him every day. Than Ami and I would take a walk on the beach. Alric… well, Alric never wanted to be home. I ended up contacting one of my friends who had moved to SanMyshuno and she adopted Ami and Alric. But that’s later on. It was only after my poor house got bigger that I needed to hug them and moved on.

Ami was eating me out of house and home she was constantly eating so much. Now I’m building funds, but I don’t have quite enough to deal with her level of gourmet meal requirments. The only thing I was able to teach her before she moved in with my friend Hannah was to not bark at sims.

I’m hoping she got the idea in her head to also stop bringing home strays with her. This little monster followed Ami home, ate my dogs food, and than tried to attack Ami.

He’s the other reason I had to send Ami away from here.

He sleeps on the dock and is constantly coming by and checking to see if Ami is here. Than attacking her again if he sees her. Only Ami though, he doesn’t attack Asparagus or Alric. I guess he just doesn’t like female dogs or something. But for her own safety I had her get out of there. If Cruella keeps to her promises of working with SanMyshuno, I know she and Alric will be fine there.

I know they already have some food dispensers popping up on street corners that are by clubs. it’s really cool of them to start taking care of the animals. I may have to go visit sometime. I think it’s about an hour drive up the coast.

I was a little worried when one day Alric and I met this beauty on the beach. He’d let me actually take him for a walk for once and i was getting some quality time with him after work. Unlike the Bogie monster who was somehow clean, and I think someones pets. This girl was dirty and clearly a stray.

When Alric started licking her and trying to clean her I sympathized and brought her home with us.

I got her all cleaned up and she slid into the family. i got her a collar for when I walk her. Her name is Hilda. She’s joined the family. At first I thought she and Alric were in love. I was wrong. He had just been being friendly, because one day I turned around and caught Asparagus and Hilda shooting love eyes at each other in the living room.

Uh oh. A trip to the vet later I found out that Hilda was expecting.

Not to long after I had Cupcake…

and Spatula join the family. Six dogs in one household was getting really crowded. It’s when I made my decision that perhaps it was time to send Ami and Alric off to a home where they could get the love and attention they deserved. Puppies are hard to take care of! Why did no one ever warn me that the cute bundles of fur were such a pain!

I was also crushing really hard on my coworker Eduardo. I know, I know. You’re not supposed to have a work romance. It’s some evil taboo thing. But come on! If your work is your life, where else are you supposed to meet people? I’m not going to stay at S.I.M.S.A forever anyways. I’m planning on owning my own restaurant. I’ve already been working on getting it built. I just need to get the business license now.

I went to a Romance Festival in the city with the puppies. I figured it would be a fun night out for us. I’d been waiting to go to the city for awhile. Say hi to Hannah and take Ami and Alric to her. She told me about the festival. So I checked it out. yeah I know, I wouldn’t have gone if she hadn’t encouraged me to. Scoffing I went and spoke to the Romance Guru.

“The love of my life is closer than you think.” *snorts* Right, sure whatever. I turned around. Standing right behind me in direct line of sight was Eduardo ordering some food from one of the food vendors. My jaw dropped. I’d already been crushing on him pretty hard at work, and there he was.

I went in for it. I flirted with him. He flirted back. Maybe it was just the festival air. But there’s some connection there. He isn’t talking to me at work though. I think he’s embarrassed that he even flirted with me at all. Or is terrified of work romances. I don’t know. But I am not giving up on this. I really like him.

Meanwhile. The puppies are growing. Spatula is a glutton like Ami. Darn it. He’s making me buy so much food. He’s independent, and adventurous though. So it won’t be so bad when he gets bigger. I will be able to let him roam outside and catch his own food sometimes too.

Cupcake is constantly hiding under furniture and pouncing on my feet. The little hunter. She of course licks it after cause she’s an adorable little loyal thing. But so adventurous I’ve got my hands full all the time. Of course, i just groaned when I saw Asparagus and Hilda shooting love eyes at each other again.

Aren’t these little cuties enough! Nope, apparently not. I took Hilda to the vet again and was told she was expecting. Again.

Than I got heart broken. I went out to go fishing and got so distracted I cast into the land. On the sign was a missing poster. With Hilda’s face. A Kylee Rankin of Windenberg had vacationed in Brindleton Bay and her beloved Harmony had run away and gotten lost. She had barely aged out of her puppy years and was really jumpy and adventurous and had gotten scared off. She’d always been independent and had always been able to find her way home. But being on vacation had made it difficult to find her way home this time.

They’d had to leave shortly after because her parents time to return to work was due, but now that she was living on her own she wanted to find her beloved dog.

I phoned her. My chest tight. I told her I’d been taking care of Hilda. I had renamed her Hilda. I was sorry for changing her name. But I loved her like my own dogs. No I couldn’t come out to Windenburg.

No I didn’t want to even give her up. In fact, she was expecting puppies.

Eventually it was decided that I would keep the new puppies, and Kylee would get Spatula and Cupcake. I’d miss them terribly, but it was better that they were with their mother after all right? She’d been taking care of them for awhile, and it wouldn’t be right. And Asparagus would have me and the new little ones that were coming any day now. We’d be fine. Heartbroken, but fine.

We got a little surprise though. It was a litter of three! Daisy was the runt of the litter. Adnveturous, independent, and friendly. But very much in need of her mother. With a sigh I had to let her go with Kylee as well. I’d miss them. But Hilda belonged with Kylee. I knew I was right when Kylee arrived and Hilda recognized her immediately and ran to her licking her face all over.

It was the right thing to do. but it still hurt.

At least i get to keep a couple cuties. They got their daddies coat. This is Peaches. Hairy, independent, and adventurous little furball. I hide her ball somewhere every night I go to bed, she spends the next day while I’m at work searching the house, and went I get home she’s always got it and is wrestling with it at the foot of my bed.

And this is Cosmo. Loyal, active, and adventurous. I’m so glad I get to keep one that looks like his mom. He’s a sweetheart. I’m sure he’ll be okay with just Asparagus… at least I hope so.

On the plus side… at least I finally got a kiss from Eduardo. It’s been a bumpy road getting there. But things are looking up. I’m madly in love with him, even if he still needs some convincing.

I… may have used a little help from a love potion and a hypnosis gun that I’ve been perfecting at work. But no one will ever know once we’re happily married.


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