101D: Pongo, Perdita, and the 1st and 2nd litter.

Pongo and Perdita may have been trained to go outdoors, but their children were not. Funds from work started to be put aside so that they could have and outdoor play area. In the beginning it started as just a place for food. The beds, and the hedge they would receive would come later. But let’s take a moment to get to know the bundles of fluffy joy.

Pongo is adventurous, friendly, and a sleuth. Though he doesn’t leave Cruella’s side. It makes me think he has a hidden loyal trait. His main obsessions as a sleuth are the kitchen appliances. He loves the fridge and the stove and loves to watch Cruella cook.

However… he is terrified of the coffee maker.

He has learned not to drink from puddles, do his business outdoors, fetch, roll over, heel, and sit.

Perdita is terrified of the stove and cowers in fear. She much prefers to be out in the wilderness wandering around looking around for fun on her own. The toilet also terrifies her. She really isn’t an indoor dog. She is friendly, independent, and smart.

However, due to her independence she doesn’t like to learn tricks and has only learned to sit and shake.

Asparagus. The adorably over spotted puppy is loyal, adventurous, and friendly.

He is secretly a glutton and hates anyone eating near him. His food bowl has to be separated from the others and called to it so that he doesn’t bark angrily at them.

Ami is friendly, a glutton, and a sleuth. She adores trashcans. They’re fascinating smell filled things. The fridge to. They make her tongue hand out as she drools over the delicious smells coming from them. She eats twice as much as her litter mates. But like her mother, she is terrified of the toilet.

She learned fast not to bark at sims because she would bark like crazy every time Cruella flushed the toilet.

Unlike his sister, Alric is not afraid of the toilet. In fact he loved drinking the water from it as it swirled around like crazy. Cruella put a stop to that really fast. But she couldn’t stop him from being fascinated with the fridge.

He is friendly, hairy, and independent. He sheds, everywhere.

They get into trouble of course as puppies are bound to do. Especially when their mother is expecting again and can’t be bothered to keep a close eye on her pups.

Cruella always takes care of them and gets them cleaned up again though.

I think Ami may have gotten her parents exact spots. I forget which one, Perdita maybe? I painted Pongo and Perdita’s spots on myself to match the cartoon as best I could!

I’m really loving the fact that painted on features can be passed down!

Look, Alric is getting a bath to! I can only tell the difference between Alric and Ami because of Alric’s eyes. xD

You’re probably more excited about this shot because you can actually see Cruella DeVille’s face for the first time. Am I right? She’s going to be getting a hair makeover in later parts. I didn’t have the glorious perfect hair for her yet when I started this dog legacy out!

Oh and I’m going to guess you also want to see the second litter, right?

They’re definitely coming. I’m just slightly disappointed that you can’t see the baby belly on dogs. I thought I read that it was going to be possible to see it. Guess I read wrong?

So here is Brook with her very few spots. As always, the fascination with the fridge gets passed down. She is friendly and playful. And what? No third trait? Yeah this confused me when it happened. I didn’t know that was possible. but she’s a cutie at least.

And here is Bella. Friendly, adventurous, independent. And terrified of the stove.

Of course. things haven’t been all about the puppies in the household. Cruella has met a coworker that really tickles her fancy.

She and Victor Feng are becoming really fast friends. Maybe even more than friends. I wonder what his wife will think. His wife that controls the fashion industry that Cruella’s ultimate goal is to destroy and take over for herself.

Oh, you wanted to know a little bit more about her other than that strange introduction she gave last chapter that didn’t even include her face? Sorry about that. She’s mean, a snob, and a dog lover. Pretty fitting if I do say so myself. She wants to be fabulously wealthy and own a retail store where she controls the fashion industry. She’s going to claw her way their by getting as high in the ranks of the political world as she can first. She wants everyone to trust in her so that they don’t want to go anywhere but her store.


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