1.13 Drawing Conclusions

This chapter won’t have so much story in it, as gossip around town and some score updates. We’re getting ready for Chapter two after all!

By the way this lovely teen here who hopped in to babysit while Antwan was at work and Candy had to rush to the hospital is Ashlie Myles… Adopted daughter of Siobhan Reynoso and Ulrike Faust. Can I just say I am not going to trust this teenager, and I don’t know how Antwan could have let her into his home to watch out for his kids.

Antwan: hey I was at work!

Right, right sorry. I don’t know how Candy could have let her into your home. Faust was already stalking you a couple years ago remember?

Antwan: Oh I never told Candy that.

Of course you didn’t. Well moving on than.

Ambrosia’s birthday is coming up since she’s going to be 7 soon. She has used her freebie toddler command to use the potty by herself. (Actually not the one shown in last chapter :O ) Because I’m trying to get her to max that skill before her birthday. It is so close! and Candy wasn’t about to potty train her. . .

Her other skills right now are Thinking 2, Movement 2 (at 97 pct >.<) , Imagination 4 (at 83) , and Communication 3. Β For not being able to control her I’m really excited by how far she’s made it in her skills already.

Oh also, she and Candy have been spending a lot of time in December in the living room dancing to holiday music on the radio. It’s like they knew I was making the newboos get born in December for the story.

Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab are pregnant again. I guess they didn’t like Malcolm being gay and decided to have as many kids as they can before they determine who their heir is.

Penny Pizzazz, fashion star, has been impregnated by Diego Lybx. Who has strayed from his wife. Again.

Don Lothario was finally tamed, and to hide himself from all the woman he’d scorned he changed his last name to his new wifes last name. Maaike Haas. Yes, that’s right. The boring woman who just went and played on Antwan’s computer during the welcome wagon. The one he didn’t care for in the slightest. But who thank goodness, dragged Faust away.

Speaking of that Welcome Wagon. Antwan ( *coughs* Yep it was totally Antwan and not me) got it wrong. The munchs were not married. They were son and mother. OOPS! Unless the two of them had something freaky going on that no one was supposed to notice in their looks. But regardless of the past, Gunther moved out and married Sofia Bjergsen. Wolfgang moved out to marry none other than the ever obnoxious surgeon/ doctor : Riya Banerjee. While Mila herself took her remaining son and moved in and married Wendell Jones who has one daughter from his previous marriage. Danika Jones.

Now we have the ever convoluted … let’s call it the Rocco line, because we love Paolo right? πŸ˜€ Though really its the Calientes and the Delgatos who are spreading it so insanely. Notice Faust who I mentioned earlier is now on this one.

The most sought after bachelor (or so I’ve noticed besides breaking up the pancakes and stealing Bob) in many games I’ve watched and sims-lits I’ve read. Akira Kibo, has finally been claimed… by Katrina Caliente! :O While her daughter married Salim Benali, oh I hope they didn’t move into that terrible apartment of his.

Pierce Delgato is at it again and has gotten Brielle Wiles pregnant. Seriously, is this boy spending any of his time on actual school work? He’s going to have at least 4 children before he graduates. Dead beat dad much? Not that his actual Dad is any better. Justin got Julissas Reeves pregnant.

*facepalm* Seriously. the Delgatos are trouble… and they looked like such a nice family!

The Idiots are finally making some money though. The garden is paying off, and all of those promotions they’ve been getting. Which ah.. oops. I forgot to save the screenshot of apparently. My bad, so have a cute picture of Candy teaching Ace the basic needs in life as soon as she got back from the hospital with the twins.


Which is fantastic! We’re on our way to not being so poor. But uh… well. *facepalms* 2 pass outs, a bladder fail and a birth of twins last part equals out to -5 points… which means of course the total is now…

-5 Points

Nooooooooo, the idiots have finally crossed into the negatives! *sigh* Oh well. next time will be the start of Chapter 2 : Choosing an Heir. We’ll do questions and answers for any of the sims if you want to find out more about them.

Candy may get a makeover and lose her hairdye when she ages to adult. Or maybe she’ll do it now that she can’t keep up with it because of all the kiddos running around.

Will Paolo and Antwan actually start dating? Or will Antwan and Candy make up?

And of course, the big question. Which of the girls will become heir? Will it be Ambrosia, or Anna? Feel free to make votes through out the next chapter.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “1.13 Drawing Conclusions

  1. Are we going to find out more about Anna? I can’t vote until I am sure Ambrosia is the best idiot. XD
    Well done for earning more money and oh my goodness must you remind us about all those questions??? I now need to have chapter two. I need to know if Antwan and Candy are going to make up or if Antwan will run off with Paolo!!! XD Another awesome chapter which got me hooked all the way! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, thanks. ^-^ And chapter two will continue the story and be a lot of here are the heirs. What they’re like and such. first part should be birthday party for Ambrosia, and toddler views of Anna. Chapter three will start whenever we’ve decided on an heir most likely. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I prefer Ambrosia, I kinda like her pay attention to me idiocies. Hopefully shes the idiot chosen to carry on the line into the future generations.


  3. Oh wow, the Delgatos! Who would have thought that about them! D:<
    I'm excited to see if the poor Idiots will finally manage to get their life in order.. but many toddler days lie still ahead…

    Liked by 1 person

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