1.5: Daily Life

We left off with them finally deciding to get engaged and than running off to the bedroom for some woohoo time. Than… nakedly getting married. Here’s where my notes get a little lacking… cause holy crap these two are boring when they’re in a boring almost empty house. I really need to get it updated so there is something more interesting to look at. (I said I would do that at the end of the last part. And than… i didn’t do it. *shrug*)

Candy: Blueberry muffin I need to pee really bad!!! Hurry up and fix that toilet. Stop washing whatever it is your washing please.

Antwan: Yes of course my cotton candy.

The fact that she couldn’t use the one toilet in the house is I’m guessing why she decided to mop the floor as she waited.

Though why she can’t get dressed after they woohoo I don’t understand.  By the way he miraculously got the toilet fixed in time for her to use it and not have our first fail. So let’s go. A Candy cleaning Montage over the next few sims days! AKA: pictures in no particular order because I have no idea where stuff goes mainly. Winging it!

Candy: Seriously, blueberry muffin do you not pick up after yourself ever?Actually sweetheart most of those dishes are yours. Don’t look so disgusted. You eat while he is at work before you have to go to work. You leave everything around the house than get back from work annoyed the house is a mess and run around cleaning it.

Antwan: Hey you’re actually doing the dishes! Thanks Candy

Candy: You know you could do some yourself right?

Seriously Antwan. Your wife is autonomously cleaning. Why won’t you do it when I tell you too!

Candy: Seriously, all I do is clean up after this man. Ugh. Doesn’t he do anything.

Yeah he makes you money. Well actually… you make more money than he does. Never mind, carry on the complaining even though you can’t hear me.

Than they whoohoo’ed again and so she cleaned up another spill in the bathroom. (Still no fail accidents, its all from appliances breaking.)

Candy: How many times am i going to mop this spot. Is this from my blueberry muffin stepping out of the shower?

I have no idea to be honest why there are so many puddles. I checked their stats and neither of them have failed to reach the toilet.

Than I see this thought bubble appear over Candy’s head!


I could have made her take a pregnancy test, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to just let it happen. So I found out as she ran to the bathroom.

And of course as the super kind loving girl that she is. She cleaned it up later to.

I’m honestly not sure where this picture falls in this. Wow I’m filled with fail notes on this Part. I’m sorry everyone!!

Candy: Hey Creator that my blueberry muffin talks about so much. I hate you.

I love you too Candy.

Candy: So muffins, I have something super exciting to tell you!

Antwan: What’s that? *takes a bite of food*

Candy: I’m pregnant!

Candy: *death glare*

Antwan: *slowly pulls bite back out of mouth* yay!

Candy: *pats his leg* Good. Good. I’m going to go relax now. This child will be your responsibility.

Antwan: Oh god I’ve done what the Creator voice lady wanted.

Oh I guess this is before she cleaned the sink. Oh well. Or maybe it just got dirty again. I have no idea. But that’s right Antwan, give me all the babies for this insanity challenge. I mean… ISBI challenge. We’ll save the insane asylum challenge for some other day!

Antwan: You’re not going to put me in it are you.

Hmmm I don’t know. We’ll just have to see.

Candy: I don’t like this. I keep… mmmmfffrgh. throwing up.

Than she literally stood in this spot staring at the wall for a couple hours before cleaning the sink (as shown earlier. oops.)

And than going out to the kitchen to play some video games.

Antwan is off to work already.

The poor Torch bearer really isn’t getting much screen time this part is he. Oops, oh well I guess. xD

Oh this makes me miss weather so much. I wonder if they’re going to put it in an update some time. Or a stuff pack. Or something. I just really want weather back. And maybe the ability to go to the schools with the children and teens. And the other jobs. And… okay I really like this follow to work or stay home from work features >.> They’ve been fun to play with!

Antwan: Hey wittle baby. Are you gonna be daddy’s little girl and heir to the torch wielding?

Candy: Torch wielding?

Antwan: That voice lady that controls me sometimes. She’s the torch!

Candy: Oh okay…

Antwan: And it was crawling up my arm like a giant spider that…

Now what weird story are you telling Antwan?

Antwan: Nothing I was just. uh… working out. Yup.

Antwan: *work out noises*

Seriously, every time I see that you’re talking to yourself you decided to suddenly stop and do what you should have been doing. Now.. actually grab the weights please because we are going to get your aspiration finished!

Candy: Oh my god. I’m getting really big. I’m not going to leave the house looking like this for my child to arrive into this world to!

Candy: *sigh’s very sadly* This means I’m going to have to clean up this mess myself. Where is my blueberry muffin.

Out working out on his workout machine. Didn’t you notice him go outside.

Candy: Guess I’ll clean it myself.

Oh seriously Candy?!? I wish you could hear me so I could yell at you. You went outside to workout near your husband instead of cleaning up the mess after throwing that big tantrum about it?

Candy: Man… I’m really tired.

Wait where did he go? ANTWAN?

Crap he left for work while I was following you around didn’t he. >.>

Candy: Whooo. This is hard work!

Than why are you doing it while pregnant? You crazy woman!

Candy: Oh yeah. Gonna beat the crap out of this punching bag. This guy doesn’t stand a chance!

What guy? Who are you pretending it is? Candy do you have enemies that I don’t know about because I can’t click on you?

Oh hey! Antwan you are still home.

Antwan: *thinks at me* Hush, I’m kissing my lady.

Well I’m sorry, I was busy watching her, you’ve been super boring this part of the chapter. Can you start being interesting again?

Antwan: Like this?

NO, not like that. more computer boring shots. UGH. Not interesting.

Candy: Muffins when are you going to be done with that? This is my computer time usually…

Antwan: Well I mean… It’s my computer Candy dear. I never get to use it either. Also you’re eating breakfast that isn’t the food I made for you.

Candy: Touche! But… how long will you be. I am carrying your mini muffin.

Antwan: Well to be interesting for the creator I guess I won’t be to much longer.

Candy: That’s what I thought. *smug smile*

Of course, neither of them stayed on the computer because Antwan was off to work and I decided to use Candy’s YA free command to get her have some interest in the guitar since I doubt she’s going to get a promotion on her own even though the guitar has been sitting in this spare room for days and she hasn’t touched it.

By the way here are the pictures Antwan decided to actually keep of all those selfies he was taking. notice all the gnomes hanging around? It was also about this point that I started to panic that maybe I should have waited for Candy to be home from work before telling her to get some interest in the guitar…

She played for the next six or so hours… Which made her two hours late for work *facepalms*

Next interesting thing to happen was Antwan getting home from work with yet another promotion. Which based on my notes puts the current marker towards more points at:

1,392/ 100,000 simoleons !

I’m really hoping that Candy makes it to bed safely because she was really close to exhausted when she finally left for work… not that I looked or anything. :O

And I doubt she is ever going to get her party animal aspiration. Ah well.

But really… Antwan’s bonuses suck. They’re always so much less than what he actually makes!

So does anyone remember this guy? Paolo Rocco? No? Yeah I didn’t realize it either. This was the guy that was running on the treadmill way back in part one that Don Lothario the gym trainer was talking to before he came over to coach Antwan. This guy works with Antwan now and invited him out for drinks as a celebration for his promotion!

Paolo also invited this other random guy out to drink with them.

Antwan: Hey dude! Do you like dressers?!

What kind of introduction is that Antwan?

Green shirt Dude: Uhhh, yeah sure. My name’s Brent, congratulations on your promotion Antwan! You deserved it! I’ve been watching you at work and you’ve been doing a fantastic job!

Antwan: Thanks for inviting me out Paolo. Drinks are half off tonight for us! How cool is that!

Brent: Seriously. It’s cool you invited me out for cheap drinks, and I like Antwan. But can you not sit next to me Paolo.

Paolo: Uh well, Antwan sat there and you sat here, so that left one open seat at the bar. Okay?

Antwan: Hey. It’s okay guys. We’re here to celebrate me right. You both are my friends so you can figure out how to work it out. It’ll be all cool by the end of the night!

Brent: You’re cool, but i’m not sitting next to him.

Paolo: *Sighs defeated* Sorry Antwan.

He than went over and took the only bench near the place to take a nap on! Much to my annoyance because I was starting to get really worried that Antwan would pass out. This is also about when I realized that it was maybe a good thing that Paolo fell asleep because he married Dina “Caliente” Rocco a few parts ago which I had forgotten about until I glanced at my notes. Thankfully Paolo doesn’t have a clue that his in-laws don’t like Antwan in the slightest. Or maybe he does and that’s why he was so antisocial after inviting Antwan out for the night.

Defeated and exhausted Antwan walked off. Somehow still in a good mood despite half asleep. (I’m leading him to a bench waaaaaaaay off in town since he can’t leave until the event is over. ) Suddenly DING , Candy has received a promotion at work!! Yes! This is fantastic news! What a big bonus to. That moves us up to 2,149/ 100,000 simoleons !

We also get this exciting notification a little later that night after Antwan finally makes it home to sleep.

Or is it exciting. The Landgraab’s making more offspring is kind of terrifying actually.

Evie Delgao also aged up to a child around this point as well.

Candy: Awww muffins, why do you look so sad?

Antwan: It was a long night. Congratulations on your promotion!

Candy: You too!

Antwan: I love you Candy.

Candy: I love you Antwan.

Awww aren’t they cute and sappy together. They like to eat their meals in this window seat together. It’s super cute actually, they’re a weird but adorable couple.

Time for a couple montages. For whatever reason after a couple days where they were just going to work and maybe cleaning a thing or two Candy went on a cleaning frenzy finally as I was having Antwan repair a few broken things. The mysterious fork glitch made me laugh the most. The bowl only appeared as she walked to the sink to actually wash it.

Which of course had to be repaired by Antwan. Which Candy amazingly dug through the pile of repair junk, gaining the beginning of her handiness skill! *gasp*

Candy: What? That smell is the trash, not me.

I’ll let this one slide Candy. But only because I am super impressed that you went through the entire house and collected every single pile of garbage, and emptied out every garbage can and brought it all outside to the trash bin. But all the other farts I should have taken a snap shot of and made a montage of.

Seriously. This couple walks around the house just farting randomly. I roll my eyes every time. It’s like they’re made for each other, how often both of them do it.

Candy: Oh yeah. I’m the best ISBI legacy wife ever.

And you’re way to proud of that fact when you only know what you’re talking about because your insane husband has told you. I’m not sure if that’s actually a good thing to be proud of.

Candy: This torture is almost over though right? I am going to pop this baby out soon I hope…?

Hopefully so yeah. We just have a few more pictures and than we’ll finally be closing this Part. It was a rather long part because I had way to much free time. And they weren’t doing much interesting things. So.. yeah I just kind of let it go on for awhile.  Let me know if that’s okay with everyone following along with this. I’ll make longer parts if you like that style. xD

Antwan: What the? Someone has moved my garbage bin! Who dareth touch my stinky receptical that sits outside my window so I can watch it while I eat my meals in peace.

That would be your wife… She cleaned the house of garbage…

Antwan: How dare they make such stink outside my win…dow. My wife cleaned the house?

Yes, why are you so shocked. She does it way more often than you do; and that’s sad because I control you! But she beats you too it Do you even know how bad your house gets?

Antwan: Uh. No?

Figures. That’s why your last name is Idiot.

Candy is going to serenade you as we close out this part finally. Just have to check to see if I actually managed to get any more points. Luckily we haven’t lost anymore yet. Phew.

+5 more points for Antwan completing another milestone in his aspiration.

2,149/ 100,000 simoleons !

Putting our current total at: 10 points! Yay! We’re doing great!

Single Birth : 0

Twins : 0

Triplets :0

Why did I put those numbers? Why because Candy is about ready to give birth of course!

Candy: I have no idea what I am going to name these little monsters. Or monster I guess. But I feel like i’m getting so big that it’s probably more than one.

That’s how I felt when I was pregnant too Candy, but I only had one kid each pregnancy. Sorry to disappoint you. Haha.

So in between this and the next part I would love for everyone to submit names they think the children should be named. This is my A generation so I’m looking for A names. Give me a few for each gender and the lucky winners will be born in the next part of this Idiotic Chapter! Thanks for reading and following along!

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