1.1 The Beginning

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to try out this challenge I stumbled upon called “I’m surrounded by Idiots” because it sounded hilarious. It also is going to be a huge challenge for me because I like to micromanage everything in my sims game.  . . and pick up all the plates and put them in the fancy garbage that makes money. Oh boy this is going to be difficult…

The rules are pretty simple for this challenge and so I’ll very briefly describe them.

Tally amount of money made, only control the torch holder, watch all the rest of the sims around you fail. Get penalized for all the failures. Oh yeah and have at least two children with each generation.

Me, I … well I turned on some MC command settings so I can learn the mod. Mainly its to turn on risky whoohoo and autonomous woohoo so I can have the town have some fun as well. For giggle reasons and because I hate that the town doesn’t just populate on its own and you have to wait for an entire household to die before you get a new sim randomized into the household.

As for updating the house, i’m going to be theming the rooms to the “favorite color” of each sim that the room is for.

I am playing on normal mode like the rules state, though I usually play long lives.

I haven’t selected house traits. I was thinking of maybe letting people suggest them as I go along and work on building the house. (I also went with a random starter house so it will get changed quite a bit as I go. Possibly to match the traits that I finally end up deciding on since I can’t change them once they’re picked. )

I am attempting to play with the alphabet. So Antwan and his children will Be A names, and also i’m hoping the heir will acquire the insane trait. So whichever children have the insane trait are more likely to become heir than others, also switching genders every generation, so this first gen, let’s hope Antwan has some girls to choose from for heir.

Any who I should probably introduce you to Antwan my founder/Torch-Holder. Which … also is going to be a bit awkward for me to remember to call them by the way. So this is Antwan Idiot, the founder, looking for some heirs.

Antwan: Do I have to keep standing here? This is really boring.

I’m going to ignore you for a bit while I talk to people, okay Antwan.

Antwan: Sure whatever, just hurry up.

He’s Insane, Active, and outgoing which I think should be a pretty interesting set of traits to work with. I started by letting him be a bodybuilder working in the athletic career.

Antwan: So I get to go to the gym now right?

Okay fine! Gosh. Sims are so impatient sometimes.

Antwan: Whoooo Cannonball!!!

Of course your first whim is to do a cannonball in the pool I hadn’t even noticed on the basement level yet.

Antwan: Oh wow… That was a really big splash. I should go fix that.

You didn’t hear me cause you were underwater? I doubt that since I’m in your head.

Antwan: I heard you, I was just ignoring you since you clearly don’t know how to have fun.

I’ll pretend you’re not insulting the person that controls you and I’ll let you get away with that and keep swimming. Wait. Where are you going?

Antwan: *starts talking to the ladder* You know it’s all your fault that I splashed on the side of the pool right? If you weren’t so tall I wouldn’t have cannonballed so big! … Well of course I can do that!

You got out so that you could talk to the ladder?

Antwan: Yes now hush I have to fix my mistake.

Antwan: *whistles and cleans up his own puddle*

Seriously guys… He did this on his own. I didn’t actually tell him to go mop up the puddle, I would have happily let him continue swimming.

Antwan: Well I made a mess so I needed to clean it up.

This is your insanity showing isn’t is.

Antwan: yup!

So he whimmed to go for a jog when he was done mopping up his mess so I made him run on a treadmill upstairs.

Antwan: Hey Gym trainer guy does this count as going for a jog?

What don’t trust me Antwan?

Don: Give me just a minute to finish up with this guy’s workout routine and I’ll be over to help you with yours so that you can make it count for you.

Antwan: Hey thanks!!

Don than sat and coached him for several hours which was uninteresting enough to not have bothered taking any screenshots during. He then showered and was refreshed enough to come back upstairs to workout again. Except someone caught his eye.

Antwan: Hey there good looking. You like the music here?

Redhead: Not so bad looking yourself there.

Seriously she looks way to flirtatious for being at a gym, you sure about this Antwan?

Antwan: Yeah you think she might? Sweet! Hey what’s your name? You want to take a picture with me?

Redhead: Sure why not hunksicle. And it’s Nina.

Antwan: Well come here Nina and say cheese!

Oh man look at the eyes she is giving that camera. She is bad news. Girl you just met him!

Antwan: So do you think you want to hang out sometime and do something?

Seriously that’s your pick up line? That’s terrible. (I love you if you know what that is from xD )

Nina: You’re so funny. Give me a hug!

Seriously Antwan, get out of here while you still can. She’s coco puffs!

Antwan: Okay, okay. Whatever you say oh master lady. Sorry Nina I’ve got to head home. Maybe next time okay.

Nina: What? Were you talking to someone else besides me?

Antwan: Sorry Nina you’re just a little crazy and not right for me okay.

Nina: I’m crazy? You’re the one talking to someone who’s not here!

Oh thank goodness you left her alone back there and listened to me when I told you to come home so you could…

Antwan: *munches on animal crackers*

Seriously.. You could have cooked something.

Antwan: Well you didn’t control me fast enough and I can do what i want. You should probably stop watching tv shows while you play sims at the same time.

But I like watching tv shows. They’re fun! No back on you ! Why animal crackers?

Antwan: Because I like them.

Holy cow, did you just try to make up for hating on my crime shows by doing dishes on your own free will?!

Antwan: Yup. Am I doing good?

We’ll have to see if you can keep it up. It just may make up for making fun of my crime drama addiction.

Antwan: How about if I go out for a jog? I need to for my aspiration and my job after all. Than you’ll like me right?

Look really closely in the distance and you can see Katrina Caliente in the distance. I think she’s mother of Nina if I remember right. At first when I saw her I was happy that she was going in a different direction. I didn’t need Antwan hitting on another redhead.

Antwan: Redhead where?

Uhhh nowhere. Keep jogging and make your Master Controller happy.

Antwan: Hey look a car!

Wait there hasn’t been a car the entire time you’ve been out jogging. What gives?

Antwan: I wonder who is in the car? Why are the windows tinted? Eh, whatever. I love jogging!!

Yes of course you do Antwan. I know you do… Exercising is your obsession and you do pretty much nothing but exercise.

Oh no…. Didn’t we just avoid her? Was she in the car?

This crazy chick drove around until she could pass him and walk in front of him while he was on his way home. Just to confront him.

Look at this crazy chicks face.

Katrina: You flirted with my Nina and than walked away leaving her heart broken.

Well I mean technically she was flirtatious and giving off signals and he was to dim witted to actually flirt back. Plus she was coco puffs and I told him to back off and he listened.

Katrina: I will have your head served on a platter if you break my Nina’s heart. Stay away from her.

Antwan: Whatever you say good looking. Dang you look fine.

Seriously Antwan! Did you not even hear what she just said to you?

Antwan: What? She looks fantastic. I think I like redheads!

Okay you know what Antwan, get home and go to bed you idiot. We’ll take you out again tomorrow and see if you can get better luck finding someone that isn’t as insane as you.

Oh hey I had two notifications pop up over night that said MC Command was actually working! Two marriages happened in town.

The Caliente’s apparently are going to be a pain in my butt for this legacy now that Dina has also showed up to marry Paolo Rocca.  She took the name Dina Rocca and moved in with Eva Capricciosa and Jade Rosa, and yes of course her new husband Paolo. Maybe they’ll move out eventually >.>

Diego Lobo and Catarina Lynx also tied the knot which I actually think is a rather cute pairing and I’m hoping that they get some kids going as well so I can see what happens. Diego took Catarina’s name and is now Diego Lynx! And they have cats: Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr.  Cleo, Josie, and Doc. Which I think Catarina had before?


10 thoughts on “1.1 The Beginning

  1. Hi!! I saw that you are following my blog, so I wanted to see what you are up to. I can’t wait to read more of Antwon’s antics (insane sims are the best)!!
    You are such a talented writer, and so funny and quick witted.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have the same problem of micromanaging my sims too so I understand how this would be difficult for you. He did get off to a funny start and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    Liked by 1 person

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